Octopus Fights Back With Vlogger Who Tries To Eat It

Can you even imagine what if the animal that you are trying to eat you up instead? No, right? Because that would be weird and disturbing AF. SO, take a lesson here. Don’t take anything for granted in your life. Not even your food. You never know when your food comes to its senses and it will make you his food. Well, You don’t believe me, right? Alright, keep reading this article to get to know.

A Seaside little girl who is the Vlogger live streams while she was trying to eat a living octopus but the things turned out the worst and the octopus sucks on the Vlogger’s face. The vlogger shares videos of her eating different kinds of seafood on the Chinese video sharing platform named Kuaishou.

At the starting of the video, the vlogger looked frightened by the octopus on her face. But her happy mood soon disappeared after she discovered that she can’t get out of the octopus from her face. She tries to pull it off but in vain.

She says how painful it is. When she discovers just how hard it is to remove the octopus from her face, the panic sets in. She almost twists her face in the process. All this left a small wound on her cheek. She said, “my face is hurt.” But, not all the viewers are shown sympathy for her. Some state the octopus’s action is justified as it was fighting for its life and done so.

After the Vlogger successfully gets off the octopus from her face she announces she’s going to eat it in the next video. Oops! She doesn’t learn any lesson out of that. Well, her hunger might have gone on a vacation after the incident but the same can’t be said for her fame. So, she should be glad that the creature did what it did. The vlogger at least got good fame out of it.

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