A fight breaks out among four women in an LA hotel

Read more about the fierce battle when a fight breaks out between four women in an LA hotel. Publish memorable details.

A fight involving about four women broke out on the casino floor at Wynn’s Las Vegas Encore. A woman in a gold-colored suit, caught on video, attached a black and white top and jeans to another on the red carpet.

When the clips started being recorded, the women had already lost their shoes and their clothes were torn.

The physical encounter at Encore at the Wynn Hotel opened during UFC 290 in a bustling city and gave the event an unexpected twist.

The hotel offers rooms from $150 to several thousand dollars. Online videos show the woman in gold rising to victory while a woman in cream sweatpants punches her friend in the face. The camera’s cry of “hell” echoes from the chaotic catfight.

🔥🚨BREAKING: At least four women were involved in a violent fight that was caught on camera near the poker tables at a luxury Las Vegas hotel over the weekend. One of the women brought a scooter to the hotel to fight.

The Man in Blue steps in to quell the chaos and restore order.

In the middle of the chaos, a brave man intervenes and separates the women involved in a physical altercation.

Despite their determination to fight, he is able to momentarily hold two of them against the wall. He also prevents the golden woman whose clothing is broken from using her shoes as a weapon.

The drama escalated, as captured in another video, where a woman in cream sweatpants and a woman in gold got into another heated argument near the poker table. A brave man and a guard intervened and shouted peace, trying to separate them.

The fate of the women and whether they have been arrested remains uncertain.

In a chaotic scene, a woman in a cream dress grabs a scooter and gets into a heated physical altercation with a woman in a gold dress.

50 Funny And Relatable Dog Memes For National Dog Day

National Dog Day is arising on August 26, and what higher manner is there to rejoice our hairy pals than with the pleasant humorous memes all approximately puppies.

Dogs are a supply of unconditional love and pleasure in our lives. A canine can be a pet, however for a lot of us, they’re simply as a lot part of the own circle of relatives as every person else.

They are usually there to greet us while we come domestic and bathe us with kisses. We cuddle with them, and yes, we even communicate to them too.

Dogs might not have the ability to speak back, however they have got a manner of displaying us they understand. Dogs are our fur babies, and much like our human children, we generally tend to ruin them from time to time.

Having a canine for your lifestyles isn’t handiest a remarkable possibility to offer a domestic for a loving pet, however puppies have additionally been demonstrated to offer many blessings for his or her human partners as well.

One of the maximum enormous blessings is that puppies are acknowledged to decrease pressure levels. That makes overall feel though! Come on. You realize you cannot assist however smile while you see the ones lovable, hairy faces in the front of you.

So in birthday party of National Dog Day, test 50 of the funniest and maximum lovable canine memes in an effort to having you going for walks to head hug your canine — or perhaps even thinking about adopting one which wishes a glad domestic.

The 50 Best National Dog Day Memes

  • Seems suspicious.
  • So sorry, my friend.

  • I imply business!
  • I assume it is a great sign.
  • I’ve were given jokes.
  • I’m certain the cat become thrilled.
  • Always watching.

  • Doggy fail.
  • Whoa.
  • A new alliance has formed.
  • Dogs might not be the smartest, however they’re truly the cutest.

  • Oh, I do not assume so.
  • Simba!
  • What’s he up to?
  • PAWS.

  • It’s just like the domestic dog DMV.
  • The math does not lie.
  • The crucial factor is that it is gone.
  • Judging you.

  • Oops.
  • That become now no longer how I desired it to head.
  • Selfie time!
  • Yeah, it is right.

  • Making lifestyles easier.
  • Dude!
  • That’s me!
  • I’ve were given room.

  • Special delivery.
  • The remarkable poop mystery.
  • So lovable!
  • Adorable.

  • Oh my!
  • At least.
  • The resemblance is uncanny.
  • Deep breaths.

  • It must.
  • What is the reason of these?
  • Technically it become your fault, human.
  • The most modern Starbucks trend.

  • That’s what we will preserve telling them.
  • Try to stay calm.
  • How are you able to face up to this lovable face?
  • I dare you!

  • Deep thoughts.
  • The pleasant fan photo!
  • Let me manage this, sir.
  • Nice.

  • Precious.
  • We ought to go!
  • The top vintage days.

  • Bonus

27 Weird & Bizarre Photos That You Rarely See

Today we’re going all of the manner to Weirdland! We witness bizarre matters each day. However, there are a few matters we hardly ever see in our every day lives.

RetCasm has amassed 27 photographs which can be weird and exquisite bizarre.

  • A sparkling nutmeg
  • “A vein finder we use withinside the hospital.”
  • Basket mushroom
  • Icy shadow

  • A tree making amusing of people
  • Pomelo seeds
  • An icy leaf print
  • “I better the coloration to reveal what I noticed in a helicopter.”

  • “I by accident reduce into an avocado seed. Here is the shell.”
  • “The rain truely exhibits the paths left with the aid of using snails on my patio doors.”
  • “A chicken hit my window and left its imprint.”
  • A banana below a UV mild

  • “A man became blowing bubbles in a mall parking lot.”
  • An vintage chapstick that crystalized
  • Pot of boiling water
  • Bug searching like a moth

  • “This fungus developing out of this pole seems like the marbling of wagyu steak.”
  • “The manner this egg dried in strips at the lowest of my bowl.”
  • A cactus skeleton
  • A spiny lobster antenna

  • A melted plastic plate
  • A mushroom that seems like a frog
  • A tree “squid” root
  • A mango seed

  • “The mild contemplated withinside the window made it appear like my rest room became outside.”
  • “It’s now no longer an apple. It’s a dogwood fruit. Some say it tastes like strawberry and banana. Others say it’s much like mango.”
  • A scar in a horse’s eye

Have you ever visible some thing like this?

Tell us withinside the comments.

37 Unhinged Wild TikTok Screenshots

Get geared up for a wild trip with those unhinged TikTok screenshots. Brace your self for the craziest content material at the internet!

Unhinged TikTok screenshots screen the internet’s WTF side. From deranged human beings to weird dance moves, get geared up to balk and snicker out loud with this wild collection.

Brace your self for the chaos of TikTok‘s craziest moments!

Do you find any of these TikTok screenshots cringe? comments which one!

27 Strange Terrifying Photos That Are Also Fascinating

Oddly terrifying pictures can from time to time be fascinating, and there may be not anything to sense responsible about.

Look at those and determine for yourself.

Oddly terrifying pictures can from time to time be fascinating, and there may be not anything to sense responsible about.

You can discover some thing exciting in them.

A subreddit collects and shows all of the creepy matters in order to captivate you.

RetCasm has accumulated 27 oddly terrifying pictures in order to additionally fascinate you! Enjoy, creepy! (JK!)

  • This… This isn’t right.

  • Thinking you’ve come upon a KKK meeting.
  • Cabbage subject in Japan.
  • Jim Carey doing the Grinch’s Face with out the usage of any makeup.

  • An MRI experiment of infants at some stage in pregnancy…
  • Just a few everyday rubber gloves washing by accident opened the gate of hell.

  • A snowman I have to now no longer have created.

  • Spooky a** Squid Kites
  • WTF. Nope!
  • Oddly terrifying costume

  • Fell asleep withinside the bath. Finger brains.
  • Cursed image.
  • Yum?

  • Corn maze.
  • This extraordinarily annoying face swap.
  • This deserted sanatorium had a vacationer ultimate night.

  • Pregnant with triplets.
  • I hate waking as much as this.
  • Just a touch Reddit earlier than bed.

  • The view from my grandmother’s sunroom…
  • A disorder that has no cure.
  • Inside a Hong Kong coffin home.

  • Why you shouldn’t do Meth.
  • What are you speculated to do whilst you see some thing like this?
  • My housemate’s toothbrush…

  • AI chatbot’s response to it being instructed it’s now no longer a actual person.
  • Body riddled with parasites because of ingesting uncooked beef for 10 years.

Which one is the maximum annoying? Tell us withinside the comment section below.

Woman is unrecognisable after investing £100000 on becoming a real-life Barbie doll

Discover the surprising transformation as a girl spends £100K to come to be unrecognizable, pursuing her dream of turning into a Barbie doll.

Barbie doll aspirant Alicia Almira, 31, from Sweden however dwelling withinside the UK, has committed the ultimate ten years and nearly £100,000 to plastic surgical procedures in her pursuit of reworking right into a real-existence Barbie doll.

Taking a tremendous step, she left her well-paying PR task to completely embody her self-proclaimed bimbo way of life.

The Barbie doll aspirant underwent severa surgical procedures, which includes rhinoplasty, more than one breast augmentations, Botox, and PDO threads.

She additionally acquired fillers on her forehead, eyes, cheeks, jaw, and lips, in conjunction with complex tattoos on her chest and torso.

Additionally, she indulged in everyday tanning periods and opted for eyelash extensions.

She wrote on Twitter: “I’ve erased who I was so one can come to be a plastic bimbo.

I am continuously preventing stigma and it takes lots of braveness to face with the aid of using your ideals, goals and way of life whilst it’s considered ‘arguable.’

I locate it thrilling that my ideals are being judged as being arguable whilst in fact they’re a ways from it – they’re conventional if anything.”

“I’ve usually been drawn to the acute and desired to appear like a bimbo.

Some human beings assume I’m mad however I don’t remorse having the surgery.

In truth I’d like my breasts to be even larger in destiny.

I need to appearance as plastic as viable and encourage different women to do the same.

I don’t assume I will ever prevent having surgery. It is a massive a part of me.

Bimbos don’t age, we’re simply getting increasingly more plastic.,” persisted the OnlyFans star.

During a current interview with Truly, she boldly proclaimed her stance as an “anti-feminist,” expressing her perception that a girl’s duty lies in fascinating her partner.

She said: “I don’t agree that we must be absolutely the same.

I agree with it’s a girl’s position to thrill her guy and be the best ‘trophy wife’ viable.

I love cooking for him, cleansing the residence and getting him to restore the auto and mow the lawn.”

Ever considering the fact that she watched the Danish TV show “King’s Girls” on the age of nine, Alicia harbored a preference to come to be a bimbo, envisioning her destiny as one as she grew older.

Despite her family’s conventional mindset, she adhered to standard seems till the age of 18, whilst she ventured to Copenhagen for university.

In her quest for transformation, she has gone through severa surgical procedures and embellished her frame with more than one tattoos, changing her look alongside the way.

According to Daily Mail, “When she turned into 25, she stored around £3,500 so she ought to have breast implants to boom her boobs from a D cup to a J cup – no matter being 5ft 6in and a tiny length 8.

In total, Alicia believes she’s spent almost £100,000 on plastic and aesthetic procedures.”

The 31-year-antique Barbie doll aspirant discovered her dependancy to surgical procedures, expressing no aim of preventing her transformative adventure each time soon.

“The perfect appearance I need to gain is the maximum plastic, remarkable over-more suitable intercourse doll,” she said. “I don’t assume I will ever prevent having surgery.

It is a massive a part of bimbo-fication.” “There isn’t anyt any perfection in my mind,” persisted Almira. “It’s only a rely of developing and evolving, and each year, you come to be increasingly more plastic.”

21 Craziest Things People Said On Internet

Discover the craziest and maximum absurd matters human beings have stated at the Internet!

Brace your self for the last on-line craziness!

The craziest matters can appear whilst human beings get at the back of a keyboard and a screen. It is absurd! The net has emerge as a platform for people to specific themselves freely, and sometimes, this freedom outcomes in a few genuinely insane feedback.

RetCasm has compiled a listing of the craziest matters human beings have ever stated at the net. Get geared up to be taken aback and surprised through the absurdity that a few human beings are able to on-line.

  • Oh, My God.

  • Wow, Yikes
  • This Isn’t A Red Flag It’s An Airhorn

  • Is That Allowed
  • Maybe If You Keep Going Higher

  • Words Of Wisdom
  • Just Let Me Sell These Lizards!
  • SMH
  • Here’s Literally A Wizard

  • I Wonder What Grade He Got
  • I Really Didn’t Need To Know This

  • Water Is Wet
  • Savage
  • Oh, No.

  • A Truly Terrible Take
  • What Have You Been Reading

  • Okay But Why Post This Though
  • Where’d They Get The Plants

  • Really, Mom?
  • Kind Of A Reach But Okay

  • Papa Roach, Please.

Image Uploaded through User Which any such is the craziest? Have you ever stumble upon absurd feedback on-line? What might be your sincere reaction to any of this stuff stated on-line?

Let us realize your mind withinside the remark phase below!

I was secretly feeding my vegan toddler meat behind my wife’s back, but she found out

JANE, DEAR: I’ve subtly been taking care of my veggie lover baby meat despite my significant other’s good faith – however she found out and is currently taking steps to Separation me

  • Top rated creator Jane Green offers open guidance to a frantic dad in the current week’s distress auntie section

  • She likewise shares a few useful tidbits with an oppressive lady relationship – yet is presently unnerved about the prospect of dating again

  • Do you have an inquiry for Jane?

Dear Jane, My wife and I welcomed our first child together four years ago.

Since her birth, we have raised her vegan, something her mother insisted on despite my grave concerns that it might hinder her growth.

My wife decided to switch to a plant-based diet when we first started trying for a baby and was convinced that it played a part in our ability to conceive.

I have always been a big meat eater; I love nothing more than a good steak.

To be honest, I was very concerned when my wife insisted that we also raise our daughter as a vegan when she was born, but I agreed because I wanted to give the mother of my child whatever she wanted at that point! Four years later, my daughter is doing well.

I’ve had a lot of fun sharing with her that she loves food and has a big appetite, just like her dad.

Perhaps a year or so back I was having a burger for lunch – my significant other was out – and my girl was captivated by my food.

I figured there was no mischief in giving her a little taste to perceive how she dealt with it, whether it gave her stomach throb or any such thing, and she cherished it.

Since then, whenever my wife isn’t around, I’ve been giving her little pieces of the meat I’m eating.

Which was all perfect up to this point when I made a mistake and took care of her some chicken at an outing without a second thought.

My wife became irate and began yelling at me, accusing me of “poisoning” our daughter and claiming that I had no idea how she would react to the meat.

So, all in all I needed to admit that I’d really been taking care of her meat for some time now and that confirmation started another enraged contention.

Now, my wife says she doesn’t know if she can ever trust me with our daughter again and is threatening to divorce.

From, Carnivore Disarray Dear Carnivore Disarray, I’m helped to remember a melodic that ran for quite a long time in New York called ‘I Love You, You’re Great, Presently Change.’

You wedded your better half, who ate meat, and abruptly she halted and presently anticipates that your little girl should do likewise.

While I comprehend your significant other going veggie lover in a bid to consider, requesting that your girl follow a similar eating regimen appears to me to be damn narrow minded, not to say troublesome, when she realizes that her significant other is proceeding to eat meat.

Your daughter will undoubtedly want to try everything you eat. All youngsters need to duplicate their folks, and particularly when prohibited food is concerned.

In fact, excluding a food group entirely is the worst thing you can do, unless you have allergies.

Because I was a foolish new mother, I forbade sugar for a long time. I found out much later that my children destroyed the snack drawer and any sugar they could find every time they went to someone else’s house on their own.

To be honest, I don’t figure you’ve done anything wrong, and I concur that your significant other is over-responding.

These sorts of inconveniences on others’ way of behaving can be a requirement for control, which frequently veils a tension or dread.

It is worthwhile to determine the cause of that.

Comments Put it this way: Dear Jane, the first step is to have an open conversation. I believe it’s advantageous to have your pediatrician ring in.

Not only to make sure that your daughter gets all the nutrients she needs, but also to make sure that her desire to try meat is normal.

Your child’s pediatrician will likely confirm that your daughter’s attempt at meat is not harmful. It is exhausting and unrealistic to strive for perfection in accordance with other people.

It’s one thing to want your daughter to become vegan, but there will always be mistakes, whether you made them unconsciously or intentionally.

It would be far preferable if you all agreed to adopt a vegan diet and granted your daughter the opportunity to try foods she wants.

The best food exhortation I have heard is from Michael Pollan, creator of The Omnivore’s Predicament and With regards to Food broadly who says: ‘ Eat Food. Not excessively. primarily plants.

Dear Jane, I met a man ten years ago. I truly believed that he would be the man who would fulfill all of my romantic novel-style dreams because he was charming and handsome.

However, things began to shift between us gradually. He was always in charge, he cheated on me, and he constantly criticized me.

He once held a knife to my neck because I had to go to a work event. He said that I was a terrible person, that I couldn’t cook, that I couldn’t properly shower, and that I shouldn’t smile because my gums were too big.

He choked me as a result of how I heated up an egg. In the end, he hit me, locked me in a room, and left me there for hours without food, water, or even the opportunity to use the bathroom.

I eventually gained the strength to flee. I never looked back, either. However, presently, after 10 years, I actually can’t envision letting any other person into my life since I’m scared that I will wind up experiencing the same thing, or perhaps something far more detestable.

I haven’t kissed a fellow or even been out on the town since it worked out. I’d love to find a way to move on, but I’m just not sure how I’ll ever be able to. Could you at any point assist me with satisfying?

From Haunted by the Past, Dear Jane’s Sunday Service, I once read an interview with Russell Brand in which he expressed his skepticism regarding his marriage:

I feel in some cases like a displaced person in my home with this lady, this quiet, lovely lady, who in the most gorgeous way imaginable couldn’t care less about what I do. ‘She’s not intrigued, in the most superb manner. ‘

That sounds wonderful. We should all be able to let our partners be who they are, rather than attempting to mold them into the person we want them to be.

One of the most difficult obstacles, but one with the greatest rewards, is accepting others on their own terms.

I am sorry to such an extent that you had such an oppressive, terrible relationship. Your first comment about your expectations for a relationship—that it should be a romance novel—also interests me.

I know that friendship and trust are the foundations of the strongest relationships. In fact, I know there won’t be a happy ending whenever I see a friend swept off her feet in the manner of a romance novel.

The relationships that make you feel like a princess and make you feel like a dream are actually the most dangerous because you are being “love-bombed.”

A form of psychological and emotional abuse known as “love bombing” involves a person manipulating you into a relationship with them by lavishing you with attention, praise, and flattery.

As you sadly discovered, they always end up being narcissists, abusers, or both. So since we have that far removed, I’m recommending two things.

First and foremost, seek the help of a therapist to deal with the traumatic experience you have been going through for ten years.

You need a completely secure location and someone who can provide you with the appropriate tools to help you get past this and ensure that you do not get involved with anyone similar again.

Talking to friends will not suffice. I urge you to make a few new male companions, and when the treatment is in progress, to continue a few dates, this time very much aware of the warnings and cautioning signs.

Without rushing is the way it should be, not bootlicking, sentiment and roses, but great they might feel at the time. I wish you success.

Cringe tattoos that will make you leave this planet

The stories are legendary… forced mistakes in choosing tattoos, heightened emotions, weakened relationships or drug addiction. But ultimately, you are solely responsible for your own ink.

Here’s a bunch of outstanding people with tattoos that everyone is taking pictures of… just for the wrong reasons.

Starlight, not too bright

The undisputed top of the list of bad ideas goes to this winner, whose drunken night ended with a fantastically poorly made night sky scattered across a cup. The color of his face clearly proves that he will be taken on the phone before the end of the morning: if in doubt, try it first with a Sharpie.

On the bright side, at least for the people around him, the stars are visible every night. I wonder if there are hidden constellations? probably not, that would require too much thought.

When Millennials Take It Too Far

Here we have a millennial who decided to tattoo her love of avocados for life. Apparently, just posting pictures of avocado toast on Instagram or telling everyone how much they love guacamole isn’t enough. No, they have to tattoo it, and not anywhere, but on the arm.

This tattoo is a real home run. I hope whoever got this gets free guacamole for life at Chipotle after this bold move. I didn’t know this was possible, but this person may have made avocados unappetizing. Thanks buddy.

Did I receive my order?

There’s a fine line between loving something and being completely and utterly delusional. For now, it looks like Norway’s Stian Ytterdahl is the last one. Yes, that’s a tattoo of his McDonald’s receipt, which doesn’t sound like a terrible order if I knew Norwegian.

That being said, there are few foods in life that someone should have tattooed in such a prominent place on their body. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is. Get yourself a Big mac St, you earned it, but don’t tattoo that receipt.

Marilyn, what happened?

We can’t be quite sure who it is. It seems like it started with Marilyn, but then something went terribly, terribly wrong. Maybe some anti-itch cream? He looks like a decaying corpse left in the sun. Was that the intention? I hope not.

Either way, it takes a certain kind of person to have Marilyn Monroe tattooed on them for life, and something tells me this isn’t their only ugly tattoo. More than likely, they don’t even know who Marilyn Monroe is, other than “she’s hot.”

Aaron Carter’s massive Medusa tattoo

Aaron Carter has apparently been down for a while, including dealing with addiction issues and a very public feud with brother Nick. In September 2019, he debuted a massive tattoo on his face. The 31-year-old singer shared a photo of a large face tattoo on social media. He captioned it: “I’M THE GREATEST AGE IN MUSIC RIGHT NOW. I CAN’T BE DENIED.”

Turns out the tattoo might be even bigger than he wanted. Her inker RockRollG told TMZ that Carter wanted even more tattoos on her face. He wanted to continue and I had to stop him. I couldn’t cover his whole face with a tattoo. I just couldn’t,” he said.

A two-headed monster

I’ll take a picture in the dark and say it’s a baby face tattoo. At least I hope so. I wonder what was going through this guy’s mind when he had the bright idea to have this creature looking like a child with black eyes on his face. Probably nothing, but it can’t be unusual for this person.

Also, it’s a nice touch to the tattoo that it partially crosses his earlobe for no real reason other than to make it look even more silly than it already is. Congratulations on the baby, good luck for life.

Whose lifespan?

Oh man, where do we even begin? Band or tattoo? There is nothing wrong with having a favorite band, not even obsessing over your favorite band. However, there is something wrong with having your favorite band tattooed on your back that looks like it was drawn by an 8th grader.

If the tattoo didn’t have the Green Day lyrics in the suspicious signpost location, who knows what the tattoo was about. I hope it looked better on paper and that it was a huge mess, because if not, there are no words for this man or his love for Green Day. AD

#1 Fan

Do you think he represents Team Meek Mill or Team Drake? It’s a stylish way to support your favorite hip-hop artist. Drake probably came across this himself on the Internet, and his response was probably something like, “Oh dear, no. Well, what were you thinking?”

A similar reaction to anyone whose day was ruined by stumbling upon this definition of error. There is only one thing that can make it worse if a tattoo that seems to be in good shape becomes infected. Maybe Drake will pay to have it removed so he doesn’t have to live with the guilt of doing this to himself.

Too much ink for elementary school

This is Sylvain Helaine. He is covered in tattoos and also had the whites of his eyes surgically removed. And before the parent complained about the unique ink, she was a kindergarten teacher in France.

Helaine says tattooing is her passion and once people get to know her, they won’t be intimidated by her. “It’s only when people see me from afar that they can assume the worst.”


A bizarre handbag smaller than a grain of salt sells for more than $63,000

You can’t buy sanity with money! A Louis Vuitton-inspired handbag that’s “a grain of salt” is selling for a staggering $63,750 – despite being mercilessly mocked online.

  • High-end fashion brand MSCHF introduced a small bag earlier this month.

  • It measures 657 x 222 x 700 micrometers and requires a microscope to see it.

  • The wallet has now been sold for $63,000 at an auction organized by Pharrell’s company.

A handbag smaller than a grain of salt has sold for more than $63,000 – just two weeks after the high-end fashion brand behind the quirky accessory was mercilessly mocked for its creation.

MSCHF, a Brooklyn-based company, was at the center of a massive social media backlash after it introduced the tiny wallet earlier this month — a wallet so small you need a microscope to properly see its design.

Aptly named the Microscope Case, it measures just 657 x 222 x 700 micrometers, which equates to less than 0.03 inches, and is “narrow enough to fit through the eye of a needle,” according to the brand.

Although many people are bashing the bag online, it has now sold for tens of thousands of dollars in an online auction held by singer Pharrell Williams’ auction house Joopiter on Wednesday, CNN reports.

The identity of the buyer has not been disclosed.

A handbag “smaller than a grain of salt” has sold for more than $63,000 – two weeks after the high-end fashion brand behind the quirky accessory was mercilessly mocked for its creation.

The aptly named microscopic bag measures just 657 x 222 x 700 micrometers, which is less than 0.03 inches, and is “narrow enough to pass through the eye of a needle.”

MSCHF created the neon green bag using a 3D printer and is modeled after Louis Vuitton’s OnTheGo MM bag.

The neon green bag was 3D printed and modeled after Louis Vuitton’s OnTheGo MM bag, which normally costs around $3,100.

MSCHF — the same company behind the much-derided $350 cartoon boots — first announced the launch of the bag via its Instagram account on June 14, writing at the time:

There are big handbags, regular handbags and small handbags. , but this is the last one. a miniaturization of a word in a bag.

“As a once functional object like a handbag becomes smaller and smaller, the status of that object becomes more and more abstract until it is purely a brand.”

MSCHF creative director Kevin Wiesner later explained to New York that after the brand chose the Louis Vuitton bag in question as a musician because the LV logo was still visible on the microscopic 3D print, he admitted that he did not ask Louis Vuitton for permission to use its logo on the wallet, adding:

We are interested in the school “sorry, no permission.”

He explained that it was “born from resin through a two-photon polymerization process,” which is “a kind of 3-D printing”. of microscopic objects.”

“I think the ‘bag’ is a funny thing because it comes from something very functional. But basically it’s become a piece of jewelry,” he said.

He added that the brand was also inspired by Pharrell’s “love” of oddly shaped objects.

The singer recently became head of menswear at Louis Vuitton.

The photo of the microscopic bag garnered more than 75,000 likes and social media was in a frenzy.

MSCHF was at the center of a huge backlash on social media after it launched the small wallet earlier this month.

“Pharrell likes big hats, so we made him a cool bag,” Kevin said.

Despite many people bashing the bag online, it has now sold for tens of thousands of dollars at an online auction by Pharrell Williams’ Joopiter auction house.

When the bag samples arrived at his office months ago, he admitted that the team had lost several of them due to their small size.

As soon as MSCHF shared the details of the strange bag online, it was eagerly trolled on social media.

Instagram and Twitter users were quick to poke fun at the ridiculous nature of the design, and memes quickly started popping up all over the web about it.

“Does it fit under an airplane seat?” one person joked.

Another wrote: “Can I pay for this with microdollars?”

“Finally a bag that holds all my patience,” said someone else.

One user asked: “Does it come with a microscope?”

“Your girl looks for that bag for hours before you even leave the house,” read a fifth comment.

Man asks girlfriend for ‘royalties’ who’s earning up to £7,500 a month on OnlyFans

A stonemason has sparked outrage by demanding that his girlfriend share the proceeds from his OnlyFans business with him.

You might think that people who do work are entitled to the income they earn from that work, but that’s not what this man thinks.

He thinks he should receive a share of the revenue from his girlfriend’s OnlyFans account. OnlyFans puts content behind paywalls and is most commonly associated with adult entertainment.

At first you might think that maybe it’s because he actually appears in some videos. In this case it makes sense.

But no, that’s just his girlfriend’s job. He bases his argument on the principle of “allowing” her to do so. How generous he is A man named Dmitri was persistent, telling the caller, “She is sitting at home sending pictures.

She likes to buy expensive shoes and bags, but I pay for her dinner.”

If you allow it as it is, I think it should be rewarded financially.” Radio host Jackie “O” Henderson questioned the man’s legitimacy.

She said, “You are ‘authorizing’ what you do with someone else’s body, so you have no right to take other people’s money.” That’s her body. “You don’t have the right to say, ‘I’ll allow it.'”

Feeling uncomfortable with your partner responding to her OnlyFans isn’t inherently bad, but it does affect the relationship. may give However, this should always be a matter to be discussed regardless of the economic aspect. Physical independence should never be an issue, especially for a partner.

Boyfriend demanded part of girlfriend’s income.

Demanding compensation for agreeing to work for others has very unpleasant consequences, especially if the work involves sex work.

A caller from the show said, “My problem is the language you use.” If he says he will support his partner in this, which is quite different, they can support each other financially.

You have no right to “allow” her or tell her what to give her. “I feel like you’re more interested in her money and pocket money.”

The man who called had a completely different opinion, even saying it was “disrespectful” to do this kind of work.

He said, ‘She’s your girlfriend and she’s your wife.’ Despite this, it’s still hard for most people to make a living on OnlyFans.

Despite its potentially very high-paying allure, sex work still has a stigma and, unfortunately, it can linger with people long after they leave the industry.

Man ‘robs woman at gunpoint’, then asks her to add him on Facebook to ask her out

The woman claims she was “robbed” at gunpoint by a man who then ordered her to join Facebook and asked her out on a date.

Amber Bellaun said Damien Boyce even offered to pay for her robbery because she was “pretty” and asked her on Facebook if she would “relax” with him.

If you’re trying to ask her out on a date, there might be a better way to get to know her than to rob her at gunpoint and take her money.

This is just an idea, but it’s probably not the best strategy.

On May 8, Amber was checking her mailbox outside her home in Indianapolis when a man approached her and pointed a gun at her.

She said the man demanded to be her friend on Facebook after coercing her into giving her all his fortune, texting her that she was “too pretty to rob” and “relaxing with me.” It is said that he asked.

In an interview with WRTV, Amber recalled, “He took [a gun] out of his pocket to show me what was going on – [he] said let me in.” bottom. I didn’t do that. ”

After Ms. Amber refused to enter her home, she gave the man about $100 in cash, but that wasn’t enough for the suspected criminal. Gun in hand, the shooter claimed to have made connections on Facebook.

Apparently she agreed too.

Well, you wouldn’t say no, would you? “I thought he might quit if I added him to Facebook, but he did,” she explained.

But I kept getting flirtatious messages of her claiming he was getting her revenge on her because he was “cute”.

Her one such message read: It’s a shitty way to meet someone, but damn you were too beautiful to steal him. ”

Amber replied, “I believe you.”

“I know you’re cute, but it’s just been a rough time. “i know that.”

Boyce was charged with robbery at gunpoint and is currently out on bail of $7,500.

He was also arrested on June 12 in connection with another robbery and has also been charged with robbery, illegal possession of a weapon, criminal recklessness and assault.

He allegedly shot two people dead, beat another with a brick, and police allegedly barricaded themselves in the building, eventually surrendering to the SWAT team.

The next message was, “Relax together. I swear, I’m not into that kind of timing.”

This time she replied, “There is her husband.” I know I can’t do this (laughs).

“i wish you all the best.”

She now feels that her home is unsafe after the incident, she said.

“He really tried to steal my stuff from me, but he made me feel unsafe in my own home,” she continued.

“It’s a little disturbing to think that people are going up and down the streets looking for places to commit crimes. “When you hear noise at night, it feels a little different.”