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Most Common Nightmares And What They Mean

Most Common Nightmares And What They Mean

Sometimes all of a sudden we wake up from our dreaded dreams and it leaves us questioning what does it even mean or does it indicating something to us? As we have heard from our grandmother that it means this and that so we wonder what it does mean. something bad or good. Today in this article we discuss the true meaning of our dream and what does it indicate. Read it completely.

1. Falling Of Height

It is another one of the most common dreams that we see, it shows the freedom and calmness in life.

2. School

Seeing the school in a dream means your life is really confused right now and you are having a tough time with your choices in life.

3. Flying

If you see yourself flying in a dream then it implies you are on your way to success and everything in your life is beyond your control and there’s nothing you can do about it but just enjoy it.

4. Intimacy or Romance

If you dream about getting yourself intimate with someone special or anyone then it means you desire for that kind of relationship with your partner.

5. People

If you see a special person in your dream then it means you miss that person a lot, it could also mean that they are the only thing on your mind lately.

6. Being Chased by someone

Being chased by someone is also one of the most common dreams that people see usually and that’s because it means that we are running from a lot of problems in our life.

7. Death

We always get panicked when we see death in our dream, but you need not worry as death means the end of your struggles has come.

8. Babies

Babies mean new beginnings. So if you dream about a newborn baby in your dreams then it means something new is awaiting you in your life.

9. Food

If you dream about some food or if you see yourself eating something special then it indicates that you are going to get some knowledge, wisdom, or spiritual learning in life.

10. Water

Water implies your present situation in life. If the water is calm then it indicates everything is calm in your life and the opposite situation indicate the vice-versa.

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