Jail Employee Arrested For Having Sex ‘On different occasions’ With Inmate

A previous prison specialist is confronting preliminary after she was charged recently for engaging in sexual relations with a detainee on various occasions.

The preliminary is set for 12 August and will see Kayla Mae Bergom, 27, take to the stand, confronting three counts of sexual wrongdoing.

Kayla’s relations with the detainee were said to have happened somewhere in the range of 2020 and 2021 at the Tama County Jail, Iowa.

Kayla is having to deal with three penalties. Credit: Iowa Devision of Criminal Investigation

The detainee being referred to was a 29-year-elderly person and the episodes were said to have happened in the jail’s utility storeroom and diversion yard, as expressed by a grievance enlisted against Kayla. Following the episodes, Kayla surrendered and argued not blameworthy in May.

Assuming Kayla is viewed as blameworthy, she could be dealing with some serious repercussion, considering that staff-detainee sex is unlawful under government regulation.

A 2005 report Department of Justice Office of Inspector General expressed that: “Regardless of whether a sexual demonstration would be thought of by most to be consensual assuming it happened beyond a jail, by resolution it is criminal sexual maltreatment when it happens inside a jail.

“For instance, staff sexual maltreatment can ruin jail staff and lead to different risks, for example, staff pirating medications or weapons into jail offices for detainees.” Meanwhile the Prison Rape Elimination Commission said in a June 2009 report that: “Detainees ought to never be rebuffed for sexual contact with staff, regardless of whether the experience was supposedly consensual.

The power unevenness among staff and detainees vitiates the chance of significant assent, and the danger of discipline would deflect detainees from detailing sexual wrongdoing by staff.”

New York City Council Member Mark Treyger emphasized the seriousness of these supposed offenses, saying: “The power dynamic in these conditions is to such an extent that the individual in authority is unequipped for consenting to sexual movement.

This sound judgment regulation will guarantee that pushing ahead officials who misuse their position and participate in this sort of coercive sexual conduct will be considered responsible.” Clearly, the occurrence isn’t to be trifled with and the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation are taking care of the case.

Kayla will stand preliminary not long from now and she could be having to carry out upwards of six years in jail whenever saw as at legitimate fault for the three charges against her. Kayla was said to have worked for the prison for a very long time preceding the occurrence, Tama County Sheriff Dennis Kucera said Bergom surrendered following the allegations were made.

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