Zayn Malik Just Said He’s Left Islam And His Muslim Fans Are Cancelling Him

Zayn Malik, the British singer, once-One Direction member and boyfriend to Gigi Hadid, was the celebrity many Muslims, especially Pakistani ones, liked to claim as their own because dude had a father who was a Pakistani Muslim and his family appears to be Muslim. Well, it all just blew up in all those fans’ faces after his recent interview.zayn-2-vogue-brit-2k18-675x900.jpg

Zayn Malik just gave an interview to British Vogue where he shared some pretty explosive things

He shared that he’s not friends with any of his ex-One Direction band members

And the biggest revelation, one that’s causing Muslim fans lots of agony, is that he said he’s not a Muslim anymorezayn-one-d-no-friends-1351x900.jpg

In the interview for the December issue of the fashion magazine, Zayn Malik was asked if he would call himself a Muslim and he replied, “No I wouldn’t”. He also said he thinks religious beliefs are a very personal matter between the person and whatever they choose to belief and that he doesn’t like talking about them because that can lead to a lot of trouble.

Well, you’re right about that, Zayn. It has led to a lot of trouble for your Muslim fans.

They can’t come to terms with the guy not professing himself as a Muslim

They’re even digging up old tweets of his to try and make his interview disappear forever

Others are saying it isn’t really that much of a shock given his lifestyle

Zayn’s career and everything else has been something Islamic values have preached against so if he really just accepts his lack of faith it doesn’t matter that much.zayn-vogue-brit-2k18-675x900

There are even people who’re shocked that he was Muslim to begin with

However, this is the most important question that Zayn needs to answer right now

But then again, I guess, what matters most is that Zayn is a human being, one who doesn’t do anything negative to others. Whatever faith he chooses to believe in or not really his personal matter, as he himself said. To each their own!

That’s all.


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