Woman splits opinion after explaining why she only showers twice a week

A TikTok woman is splitting her followers when she reveals why she only showers twice a week. She posts as @abmccarthy5757 Allison, a 27-year-old woman from Boston, said she was shocked to find out other women showered every day. Twice is enough for her. But there is a way out of her madness, she promises.

1. It’s all about washing your hair.

Alison explained that she hates taking showers when she doesn’t wash her hair, and she does so only a few times a week. Therefore, she refrains from her bathing as well. “I recently realized that I’m actually a creepy person because when most girls say they wash their hair twice a week, they literally mean wash their hair, and they shower every day.” ,” she explained in the video. “I only shower once or twice a week. I haven’t taken a shower in five days. ”

2. She washes her hair every time she takes a shower.

One might think she could wear a shower cap if she didn’t want to get her hair wet, but she didn’t seem to think of it that way. Why should she take a shower without washing her hair?”But I don’t want to wash her hair every day,” she continued. “So I had to start saying, ‘I wash my hair twice a week,’ but only shower twice a week.”

3. People had very strong opinions about her recordings.

Surprisingly, many people supported her. One simply wrote, “That makes sense,” while another wrote, “Same girl. These comments are wild. Natural body oils are a good thing.” You’re probably the ones who shower every day without the smelly person.” A third party wrote, “If you don’t leave the house, you never shower every day.”

4. However, not everyone was impressed with Alison’s hygiene.

“Comments say that showers are tiring. Add soap to your loofah and scrub, and you can do it in less than five minutes without washing your hair,” wrote one shower fan. “It’s sad how many people don’t do their laundry in comments like this,” said another.

5. Alison posted a video to defend herself.

Responding to one of her naysayers, she claimed the comments section showed she wasn’t alone in her opinion. “I’m sorry I had to break the news, but I think it shows that this is happening more often than people realize,” she said. “But they don’t talk about it, so unfortunately I chose to talk about it. I think it also shows that you don’t notice. I know some people can smell it without showering, but I don’t smell and I don’t need to wash my hair, so why should I shower? ”

What do you think? Can you tolerate showering only twice a week?

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