Wild Things That People Have Witnessed On Public Transport

If you live in a city or even a large town, there is probably a public transportation system. We are thankful that mass transportation is affordable (usually), but there is something icky about it, and I have never spoken with anyone who disagrees. Public transportation just seems like an invitation to be wild and, to be honest, grotesque. I believe that using public transportation should be comparable to using a restaurant, a library, or basically any other public space. That doesn’t seem to be the case for some people. We could talk for hours about the stories I’ve heard, but instead of telling, how about showing?

The following is a list of thirty people who were found to be extremely disgusting while using public transportation. Prepare for a serious sense of gross exhaustion.

We’ve selected the best (or worst?) from a Reddit thread that has since been archived.für Sie!

  • Spread out on a crowded train.

  • This individual was requested to move, but he stated to other passengers that he was “too tired” to give up any of the four seats he occupied.
  • Filthy.

  • Shoes that are wet and snowy are on the seat, right under a sign that says not to.
  • placing gum in the USB charging device.Why exactly???

  • wouldn’t move over so that the denim-clad man could sit down.
  • Shrimp.Prawns.No matter what you call them, we can all agree that they belong nowhere on a locomotive.

  • one’s legs as one waits for the train.I can’t.
  • The person who saw this wasn’t sure what was going on, so they left at the next chance.

  • I will never again hold the pole, either.EVER.
  • Some people let their dog gnaw on the chairs.

  • Casually nibbling on some pistachios.
  • Cigarette smoking on a casual basis, in a small space, with children, and with other people in general.

  • Food was thrown by the toddler.didn’t bother.
  • Upon seeing a woman’s Starbucks, the subway door closed.She wasn’t to blame for this, but LOL.

  • commerely an incomprehensible mess.
  • This woman refused to throw it away.Literally, campers are content.

  • merely lighting her hair with a cigarette lighter in a casual manner.
  • This area is not meant for that.

  • occupying just five seats on a crowded train.

  • while on the train, washing her feet.It’s disgusting.

  • Priority given to luggage over passengers with mobility issues.
  • The floor is covered in sunflower seed snacks.

  • The mother pops the child’s zit.I can’t.
  • There seems to be an epidemic of idiots taking up more than two seats on crowded trains.

  • allowing their children to do the same.

  • Is getting dressed that difficult?Subway in Montreal).

  • The girl set it up as if it were her living room.

  • It’s as if some people do not comprehend the severity of filthy floors.

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