Why do women live longer than men? This is why

A lot of people might label a few actions as brave, which is true in a way. However, in order for an action to be referred to as brave, it must serve a specific purpose and be done for a cause. If you take a risk that the majority of people wouldn’t take just to get a stupid picture or prove a point, you are not brave; rather, you are just a fool who is putting his life at risk for stupid reasons. That only benefits a large number of people by providing them with good entertainment.

  • There are so many stupid ways to die
  • Why are they all dressed like this
  • The most perilous rest of all time

  • right next to the jewels
  • It’s going to be a bumpy ride, and you’d probably die along the way.
  • Jesus takes

  • All it takes is one bad move.
  • I’m trying to figure out why.
  • I hope it’s not loaded.

  • He is putting his driving skills to the test
  • Women live longer as a result of this
  • Are you getting sick of buying your wife pregnancy pills?

  • I can show you the world in my dazzling

  • Rednecks simply do not care.
  • The person who took this picture was aware of everything that was going to happen, but he was still curious.

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