White Model Who Claims She “Turned Black” With Injections Wants To Move To Africa

A German lady who has turned her skin dim with tanning infusions currently needs to move to Africa to be with “her kin.”


Martina Big has been on a seven-year voyage to totally change the manner in which she looks. She needed to have a Barbie body, so she experienced 24 medical procedures and took her bosom size from 32D to 32S. She utilizes the saline siphon to expand them.


Beginning in January, 2017, Big began to wind up fixated on tanning and having darker skin. She went from tanning beds to in the long run having tanning infusions:

“I had three infusions. Heaps of individuals had a similar treatment and everybody responded in an unexpected way,” she says. “A few people had just a little change, however for me it transformed me altogether.”

“African Woman”

Presently Big guarantees that the infusions accomplished something beyond change her skin shading. She currently recognizes as an “African lady”:

“I not just resemble an African lady, I likewise feel that I’m presently an African lady,” she discloses to Sun Online.

“It’s a change that is inside just as out. These progressions are not shallow but rather somewhere inside me.”

New Name

Huge presently says she needs to move to Africa to be with “her kin.” During an excursion to Kenya a year ago, she was purified through water as Malaika Kubwa, which signifies “Enormous Angel” in Swahili.

“I invested energy in Kenya a year ago and I felt so at home. Presently I have a ton of solicitations from all over Africa.”

Moving to Africa

Kubwa claims that the individuals in Kenya adored her. She intends to move some place near the equator, which was her preferred region.

“The African individuals adored me,” she says. “On the principal day I needed to go into downtown Nairobi to a tailor to get some new garments and when I left in the vehicle I had individuals encompassing me.”

Feels Natural

She says that Africa felt normal to her:

“I like the dry hot atmosphere. I had the option to go through throughout the day in the sun without sunscreen and did not get burned from the sun. I just got darker.”


Individuals Don’t Understand

There has been a lot of reaction towards Kubwa, a large portion of which she says originates from America. She claims dark individuals comprehend her superior to white individuals now:

“I invest the majority of my energy with them now as it feels simpler. Contrasted and my white companions I share more for all intents and purpose with them.”

Dark Children?

Kubwa is hitched to her youth sweetheart, Michael Eurwen, who additionally had indistinguishable infusions from she did, despite the fact that his skin just turned out to be marginally darker. The two intend to have children, and Kubwa is persuaded they will be dark:

“My primary care physician has disclosed to me it is conceivable as I have changed myself inside,” she guarantees.

“You just need to take a gander at my old pictures: When you contrast me now and who I was I am a totally extraordinary individual. The age where you need to remain the race you were conceived in is finished.”

Not Done Yet

She isn’t finished with her change yet.:

“I need to augment my nose, make my lips greater and have butt inserts,” she says. “I am as yet a work in advancement.”

In any case… She’s Not Black

The Daily Mail says Big has been househunting in Kenya and that she intends to bring up their future youngsters as African. “I need to become familiar with the dark culture first, so I can instruct my future youngsters in dark (show the dark culture),” she says, as indicated by a Facebook post.

Still Doesn’t Make Her Black

atlantablackstar detailed in 2017 that Big additionally started getting hair augmentations “with wavy, African hair” to help total her progress. Other than tanning her skin and coloring her hair, Big has additionally gotten lip-plumping methods.

What Kind Of Doctor Is It?

Enormous showed up on Britain’s This Morning to state that she figures her youngsters will be brought into the world with dim skin, and that her primary care physician concurs. Host Holly Willoughby scrutinized that entirety… thing. She was fundamentally simply attempting to see how, hereditarily, this could be conceivable.

Skin Color Goes Deeper Than This

Willoughby asked Big, and which is all well and good: what might occur if the kids are brought into the world white? Will she adore them in any case? As indicated by the Daily Mail, Big says, “obviously – it will be a blend of me and Michael, however I’m almost certain it will be dark, yet on the off chance that it is milk chocolate or somewhat lighter it doesn’t make a difference.”

Probably Some Are All For Whatever This Is

Another message by Big on Facebook states that a minister in Kenya has her help. As indicated by the Daily Mail: “One of my Kenyan companions revealed to her minister about my change to a dark lady and disclosed to him the amount I needed to turn into a genuine African lady. ‘In his lesson the minister stated: ‘You must be conceived again and now you are another animal.’ I’m so upbeat and pleased to be a genuine African lady :)”

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