An Unimaginable Romantic tale From US To Bangladesh

From Lancelot and Guinevere to Romeo and Juliet, we have heard different romantic tales. Be that as it may, today we are going to disclose to you the most mind boggling romantic tale of this time! A genuine love that went from the United States To Bangladesh.

We are discussing the mind blowing romantic tale of a Bangladeshi person Apu Mandal and a Californian young lady Sara Kuhn. The couple is cheerfully hitched now however I am certain you should believe that how Apu and Sara met, correct?

Their romantic tale began an internet based life webpage, Facebook. The two of them met through a Facebook gathering and a year prior on November 19, 2017, Apu and Sara at last became facebook companions.

Progressively the two of them began conversing with one another and with this Sara began enjoying Apu. From typical visits to sentimental messages and video calls their relationship turned out to be so solid.

Their long-separation online relationship continued for an entire year and afterward they at last chose to wed. A week ago Sarah arrived at Dhaka air terminal, Bangladesh where she met her affection Apu just because. From that point they headed out to Apu’s town Barisal, where she was welcomed by the relatives of Apu.

Not long after they fixed dates for different conjugal services. As Apu and Sarah have a place with Christianity, they originally took their pledges in a Church than being a Bengali couple they additionally wedded by Bengali ceremonies.

Their marriage occurred in a lodging of Bandar Road, Barisal, Bangladesh. When the updates on their marriage spread in the locale an enormous group accumulated around Apu’s home to see the outside lady of the hour.

Prior the couple chose to wed in the US however because of some visa issue, Apu couldn’t go there. So Sarah came to Bangladesh to wed him, she even learned Bengali so she can frame a superior relationship with Apu’s family.

Right now, we find a workable pace unending number of phony romantic tales via web-based networking media, their unimaginable romantic tale is extremely difficult to accept. Be that as it may, Apu and Sarah truly set a model for other people.

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