Top 10 Face Reveals Of All Time

Hello Readers! Welcome to Retcasm. As you must be knowing, being a famous musician or a star is not easy, to get popular, they not only need to give hits albums, but they also need to make their fans happy and all excited. And for this sake, they do various costumes, stages, locations and what not. Some of them even hide their faces and duo to this, fans are ready to do anything to find their faces.

Here are some famous artists we finally get to see the faces and lift the veil of secrecy of their real life:

1. Marshmello:

One of the worlds biggest DJ music producer – Marshmello, is ranked in the top 10 lists of best DJs in America 2017-18. He hides his face behind a large marshmallow shaped mask in all of his concerts and music videos. We recently got to know the face behind the DJ and according to the sources, the man behind the mask is Chris Comstock aka DJ Dot Com. This was revealed in various interviews and Instagram stories of other stars.

2. Hollywood Undead:

The Hollywood Undead, the American hip hop/ rock band from Los Angeles started with their debut in 2008. All the members of the band have their stage names and wear unique masks, which are based on hockey goaltender design. All the masks are invented and developed by each of the members individually. They started with simple masks but every year the masks become complex according to their names.

3. Sia:

A famous Australian singer who hides her face behind huge wigs of hairs during her concerts and ever her interviews as well on the red carpets. Half of her face is hidden with the hairs and because of that she literally could not see and needs people to escort her on the stage and other places. She is making music since the early 90s. According to her, she wants to add mysteries and stories with her performances and that is what she does.

4. Slipknot:

Slipknot is a band comprising of 9 artists ranging from keyboards, drums, vocals and guitars. According to them, they wear masks to drive away the attention of the public away from them and actually towards their music. The vocalists say – “It’s our own way of becoming intimate to the music”. This was initiated by one of their group members when he used to come for the rehearsals wearing a mask, after some time the whole band decided to get the costume with a mask.

5. Cazzette:

The Swedish duo who took the fashion of giant helmets to a whole new level. As the name suggests, the duo wears giant cassettes helmet on their head and are famous by their stage name. According to them, these masks grabs more attention than their faces or even their tracks. The names behind the masks are Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furrer.

6. Deadmau5:

He is a famous Canadian DJ with a huge collection of mouse-like masks/helmets with a different style, colour and sizes which he wears for his concerts and music videos. The person behind this crazy mask is Joel Zimmerman. He once found a frozen mouse inside his computer which he constructed, and he found the title of his music – deadmau5. The mask he wears is also inspired by the mouse.

7. Mike Candys:

Just like other famous mask musicians, he also chose to go with a special mask. With a giant yellow helmet, he looks just like an emoji. The real name behind the music producer and DJ is Michael Kull, a 37-year-old from Switzerland. He gained a lot of popularity from his remix tracks and was present in the European top charts for a long time. According to him, his emoji helmet creates a great stage presence and entertains the audience.

8. Daft Punk: 

The early 90s music duo from France who are always found with their helmets on during their music videos and stage shows. At the beginning of their carriers, they did not wear any costumes but to get that famous status and the audience, they finally did the same. The faces behind these helmets are – Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. The costumes were classy and the helmets they wear look futuristic but if you want to look at their faces, search their beginning videos and you’ll find them.


Rey Mysterio is one of the famous WWE wrestlers of all time. He revealed his face when his mask was taken off during a wrestling story line. Rey Mysterio looks strange without the mask.

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