TikTok star says she gains 6 figures acting like a little dog on OnlyFans

A Texas lady who apparently said she has “consistently acted like a pup” is presently gathering more than several thousands every month through her presentation on OnlyFans, in the wake of stopping her vocation as an optician.

Jenna Phillips from Austin, Texas, presently claims to be a dog on OnlyFans, a grown-up content membership site, where she goes around bringing balls, moves around, and takes hound treats, as per her TikTok recordings.

The 21-year-old has said that she jumps at the chance to “move around, play bring, get head scratches, go around and play,” as indicated by LADBible, in light of the fact that she generally felt like a doggy on a basic level.

Her month to month pay is presently multiple times more than her past salary, and she makes six figures, as indicated by the Mirror.

With her substance, she has accumulated in excess of 125,000 supporters on TikTok, where he bio peruses: “only a young lady claiming to be a little dog.”

She right now charges her fans $20 every month to get to her uncensored substance.

“I have consistently acted like a little dog, however not in a sexual path from the outset. I used to imagine I was a little dog when I was growing up,” she said. “I truly love acclaim. I love hearing ‘great young lady.’ It makes my heart soften without fail.”

At the point when she began her OnlyFans account, the substance was “vanilla,” however after just about two years, she started posting as “thatpuppygirl” which is the thing that pivoted her business. She said there’s a been “flood” in her following from that point onward.

She said what rolled out her improvement her brain about doing vanilla substance was that there wasn’t a business opportunity for “female young doggies” on OnlyFans.

“At whatever point I went out to shop for the rigging, it was just truly for men,” she said by the Mirror. “I thought screw it, for what reason don’t I make the market? I know there’s an interest for it so for what reason don’t I gracefully it?”

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