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This Millionaire Thai Farmer Is Offering £240,000 To Marry His Virgin Daughter

Arnon Rodthong, a Thai millionaire farmer, who is 58 is giving £240,000 (i.e Rs.2 crore) to marry his daughter, Karita Rodthong, 26. The proposal made by the father also holds some of the characteristics of his daughter. She helps him run the business, speaks fluent English and Chinese and is a virgin. yes, you read it right. She is a virgin.

Can you imagine a father paying millions just to marry his virgin daughter? I know, you might be thinking like that something must be wrong with his girl and blah, blah… But, this is not the case here.

If you don’t know then let me inform you here that in some parts of Thailand, it is a practice that a man should pay the dowry for marrying any woman, but Arnon Rodthong is doing exactly opposite in the case of his daughter.

Furthermore, the millionaire Thai farmer has kept no restrictions on nationality. He is only looking for a hard working man who can keep his daughter happy.

Here Is What Her Fathers Says-

I want someone to take care of my business and make it last. I don’t want a person with a bachelor’s, or master’s or philosopher’s degree.

I want a hard-working man. I just want someone with a hard-working nature. That’s all.

While the daughter of the Thai millionaire farmer got to know about this from one of her friends. She was quite surprised by her dad’s offer.

Here is What She Says about This-

I first found out about my father’s post when my friends showed me. I was surprised but I can see the funny side to it, too.

It is true that I am still single. If I have to get married to someone, I only want him to be a diligent and good person who loves his family.

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