The tattooed baby by the mother caused a backlash

Controversy erupts when a mother tattoos her baby, sparking a wave of criticism over the questionable decision.

A baby tattooed by her mother has caused controversy online. The shocking incident of Shamekia Morris caused outrage that she covered her baby body with tattoos and left many in awe.

Each mother has their own parenting style, but controversial methods can jeopardize a child’s safety and well-being.

Shameka Morris, a fashion designer from West Palm Beach, Florida, has sparked controversy over the Internet after he tattooed her six-month-old son Tralyn. The public is deeply concerned about this controversial act.

Shameka Morris goes beyond a few tattoos. Her son is covered all over and is widely criticized.

She doesn’t apologize for her love of tattoos and remains defiant despite the backlash.

Despite the temporary nature of these tattoos, this unconventional parenting decision sparked widespread disapproval. Despite public criticism, her mother has stood bravely and defiantly, defending her actions on social media. “I don’t care what people think of me. It’s a lifestyle we enjoy.”

In her interview she said: People say I’m raising my son as a ‘gangster’ and ‘criminal’ and that they’re not used to seeing babies with tattoos. “

Additionally, her mother highlighted the specific incident that resulted in her rejection, saying, “When she was eight months pregnant, she had a photo shoot with her siblings at a tattoo shop. (Since then) I have been teased on social media.

The comments were all negative and people said my baby would be born with a lot of tattoos. He will have poison on his skin. he was crazy “

Despite the temporary nature of tattoos, public criticism continues.

Critics argue that the act adversely affects children, even though babies have a limited understanding of the situation and its effects on their bodies and skin.

Morris bravely said that the hurtful comments often haunt her and upset her deeply. She said, “The reaction was terrible. She knows she’s not a bad mother, but it’s very hurtful to hear all these things being said.”

Her overall parenting quality isn’t inherently bad, but her controversial choices she made regarding her son’s appearance have left a negative impression on her.

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