The body of a missing teenager was found with four other people around the rapist’s house

Starting from top left: Holly Guess, Michael James Mayo, Brittany Brewer, Rylee Elizabeth Allen, Ivy Webster, Tiffany Dore Surmise and one more image of Brittany Brewer.
Starting from top left: Holly Guess, Michael James Mayo, Brittany Brewer, Rylee Elizabeth Allen, Ivy Webster, Tiffany Dore Surmise and one more image of Brittany Brewer.

New information has surfaced regarding the grim crime scene where seven bodies were discovered in odd positions at the home of a rapist. Two Oklahoma teenagers who had been reported missing after a sleepover on April 30 were among the bodies. Officials stated that when police stormed the property of registered sex offender Jesse McFadden, 50 miles south of Tulsa, the search for 14-year-old Brittany Brewer and 16-year-old Brittany Brewer was called to a halt just hours after it had begun. Gerald Davidson, a spokesperson for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, claims that the seven bodies were discovered “not in the residence, but just on the property.” Along with McFadden and Holly Guess, 35, and her children, Rylee Elizabeth Allen, 17, Michael James Mayo, 15, and Tiffany Dore Guess, 13, the bodies of the two teenagers were discovered. In a Facebook post on Tuesday, a relative said that her daughter and grandchildren, who lived with McFadden at the house, were the last four victims found.

Ivy and Brittany Brewer, both 16, were found dead at the Oklahoma home of the convicted rapist. The mother of the rapist was found dead with six other Oklahomans. “Never expected anything like this” Facebook) Holly Guess’s son, Michael James Mayo, who was killed by Jesse McFadden

A golden alarm was given for the two teenagers at around 10.30am nearby time by authorities, however the groups of seven individuals were found five hours some other time when specialists on call looked through McFadden’s property. According to local news after accessing records, McFadden was scheduled to stand trial on Monday in Muskogee County District Court for allegedly soliciting child abuse imagery in 2017. It is accepted that when McFadden neglected to show up in court the adjudicator gave a warrant for his capture. He had a long criminal history, including 2004 convictions for first-degree rape and theft. He was delivered in October 2020.

As per neighborhood reports, Ivy’s mom uncovered she knew nothing about McFadden’s criminal history and was made while utilizing a help aware of find her girl’s telephone had been turned off. She added that Ivy was different from her in that she didn’t answer calls or text messages. On April 29, Ivy and Brittany attended a sleepover at McFadden’s house. McFadden shared a home with his wife, her daughter Tiffany, and her two sons at the property. The two teenagers were intended to pass on the property the next day and go to a farm, yet they won’t ever show up. According to reports from the area, none of them have contacted anyone since the discovery.

Tiffany Dore Guess in a Facebook picture

Rylee Elizabeth Allen in an image shared on Facebook

Brittany’s father announced that one of the deceased was his daughter. He stated to KOTV-DT, “Brittany was a person who was outgoing.” She was actually chosen to compete in this national pageant in Tulsa as Miss Henryetta. And now that she’s dead, she won’t make it. She has left.” He admitted that his daughter had never had a problem in the past when she spent weekends with the McFadden family.

Jesse McFadden, a convicted rapist, was discovered among the bodies

Okmulgee County Sheriff Eddy Rice stated that in his 18 years in the position, he has not been involved in a case of “this magnitude.” In a press conference, he stated, “We just ask that you pray for the families. It’s a tragic day in Okmulgee County again.” The causes of each of the seven deaths remain unknown.

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