50 Times Beautiful Tattoo Idea Was Carried Out Perfectly

In the event that you’re searching for some motivation for your next tattoo, or simply need to see the absolute most imaginative and all around good pieces out there, the subreddits r/tattoo and r/tattoos are the ideal spots to begin.

There are a lot of fans in these online communities who share their own ink as well as designs from other artists that they admire. Whether it’s a delightful watercolor-like bundle of roses, a mathematical creature picture, or an exemplary intense skull, everybody will undoubtedly find something they like, regardless of their taste.

Photographer Shows What’s Under Tattooed People’s Daily Clothes

In his new Covered photo series, London-based professional photographer Alan Powdrill shows that people who enjoy getting tattoos come in all shapes and sizes. His characters, many of whom have cool tattoos covering their entire bodies, are all living, breathing works of art.

Each of Powdrill’s intriguing photos includes a brief comment from the subject about their tattoo history to emphasize the point. Some people are extremely late bloomers who started getting tattoos when they were 40 or 50, while others have been tattooing for their entire lives and have been getting unique tattoos before they were allowed to do so.