Strange Photos of Elon Musk kissing a Robot confuse the Internet

A strange photo of Elon Musk kissing a robot confuses the Internet – yet everything isn’t as it appears

  • Pictures of Elon Musk kissing robots have been circling via social media

Elon Musk has made a name for himself when it comes to strange behavior, such as attempting to put an end to Russia’s war on Ukraine and spreading conspiracies about the Covid.

The internet is now baffled by a bizarre picture of him kissing a robot.

Elon Musk kissing a RobotThe photos of Musk with a few female humanoids have gotten out and about via web-based entertainment, however everything isn’t as it appears.

Elon Musk kissing a RobotThe images were shared online by construction company CEO David Marven, who posed the question: Who exactly is Elon Musk’s future wife?’

The footage of Musk’s humanoid Optimus robot, which was dubbed “cringe” when it was unveiled in September, was seen now leaping.

David Marven, CEO of a construction company, shared the images online and asked, “All is not as it seems to be as it appears to be.”

The images of Musk with several female humanoids have made their way around social media.

Elon Musk declares the future spouse, who is she?’

Elon Musk kissing a RobotIn an effort to draw attention to the dangers posed by artificial intelligence, Mr. Marven posted the images to Twitter.

Elite You reserve the option to remain digital: In the US and Europe, an AI-powered robot funded by ChatGPT is already employed as a security guard.

Elon Musk kissing a RobotMr. Marven wrote in the advertisement: It is the first robot that has been made with artificial intelligence in mind.

It has the personality and characteristics of the woman he dreams of, which no normal person would have because no normal person has all the requirements. “Catnilla” is a solar-powered robot that doesn’t need to be charged and is “equipped with sensory means that make her feel sad and happy,” he continued. Mr. Marven continued, “She has a mindset that is balanced and interactive… so she can share it if she is in a crisis or the feelings that she is experiencing or the needs when she is exposed to any psychological stress.”

However, he then revealed that artificial intelligence was used to create the odd images. “Clarify the dangers of AI,” Mr. Marven stated, was the goal of his post.

Especially since the first integrated robot, “Optimus,” was made available by Tesla Company,’ he added.

Elon Musk kissing a RobotTwitter clients went wild at the photos, with one composition: ‘ The Black Mirror trailer recently dropped.’ Another client shared their simulated intelligence concerns, tweeting: ‘ One of the dangers of AI is that it is being used to create images like these to trick people into thinking they are real, as this post explains.

Elon Musk kissing a RobotIn any case, some were envious of Musk’s robot ability, as another client composed: ‘ Where is the version for men? I played constantly for a robot husband. completes all tasks, never quarrels, and has all of the necessary settings.

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