Somebody Collects Celebs Doppelgangers And The following Are 30 Of The Best Ones

People aren’t as singular as they make out to be. Nearly every one of us has been in a situation where we are out and about in the city when we come across someone who resembles a friend of ours. or us as well. Realizing that we are not the only ones is a strange sensation. that at least one individual exists who is our copy. Twin to us. Our identical twin.

What’s fantastic do you know? acting like a famous person. They joined the “Same de la Same” Instagram community, which is dedicated to sharing photos of celebrities who look like themselves, because a lot of other people agree. Upvote the celebrity doppelgangers that made an impression and share this post with your friends to see if they notice that the photos are of famous doppelgangers rather than the famous people themselves. We’ve selected some of the best side-by-side comparison photos. Also, tell us in the comments which well-known celebrity your friends think you look like—some of my friends think I look like Keanu Reeves, for instance.

RetCasm spoke with Freddy Slivinski, the creator of “Same de la Same,” to learn more about the famous look-alike community. For our comprehensive and in-depth interview with him, be sure to scroll down.

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1. Look-Alike And Leo Messi

“To appear like the greatest soccer player in history is an honor. It’s amazing when people ask to take pictures with me, and it’s weird that people think I’m Messi. I am, in fact, Israel’s Messi.

2. Look-Alike And Mike Myers / Austin Powers

“It’s very cool to look like Austin, especially since I don’t look like him at all without the costume!”

3. Look-Alike And Selena Gomez

“I don’t do anything to look like her; when people say that I look like Selena Gomez, it always makes me feel kind of awkward.” I was told I looked a lot like her when I was younger, but now I only look like her a little, so I’m actually happy with that.”

4. Look-Alike And Sansa Stark / Game Of Thrones

“It actually began as a joke between my high school friends. A lot of people say to me, “Oh my gosh, you look like that woman I watch on TV.” On the street, people have stopped me and asked for pictures. Once, a man yelled at me from outside his car. Wow, that was intense!

5. Look-Alike And Andrew Lincoln / Rick Grimes

6. Look-Alike And Drake

7. Look-Alike And Justin Timberlake

8. Look-Alike And Charlie Chaplin

“At parties and events, I imitate Charlie Chaplin as Little Tramp since 2006. Every day, I dedicate myself to improving my performance and characterisation. When they see me, the people are thrilled, and I give them a big hug.

9. Look-Alike And Psy

10. Look-Alike And Rihanna

11. Look-Alike And Mariah Carrey

12. Look-Alike And Álvaro Morte

13. Look-Alike And Jason Statham

“When people first see me, they believe I’m the real Jason Statham. They only notice the difference at second glance. Additionally, many individuals consider us twins.

14. Look-Alike And Samuel L. Jackson

15. Look-Alike And Johnny Depp

I discovered that lookalikes are very popular among followers and the general public due to their ability to entertain them. Freddy of “Same de la Same” mused, “Of course, they love their stories because the truth is that everyone dreams of looking like celebrities and living like rock stars.”

In addition, he had a message for anyone who might look like a celebrity: If you think you, a friend, or a member of your family looks like a celebrity, don’t be ashamed to send me a picture. You never know, you might even start living like a rock star and realize that you really do look like a celebrity. I don’t just want to make a page for likes; I want it to be known by everyone in the world for its unique and exclusive content. I enjoy telling stories. I try to tell interesting tales about interesting and unique individuals.

16. Look-Alike And Mila Kunis

17. Look-Alike And Benedict Cumberbatch

18. Look-Alike And Angelina Jolie

Ironically, Freddy and his friends are unaware of a famous person who Freddy resembles. However, he isn’t giving up hope and is aware that they will eventually locate someone: I hope they find a cool, handsome celebrity when that happens.

Freddy also enjoys the concept of competitions in which participants compete to see who resembles a particular celebrity the most in appearance, behavior, and sound. It sounds like a blast!

19. Look-Alike And Daniel Craig / Agent 007

20. Look-Alike And Robbie Williams

21. Look-Alike And Meghan Markle

22. Look-Alike And Elton John

23. Look-Alike And Tom Cruise

24. Look-Alike And Katy Perry

25. Look-Alike And Simon Cowell

26. Look-Alike And Kate Moss

27. Look-Alike And Kim Jong Un

28. Look-Alike And Bryan Cranston / Walter White

29. Look-Alike And Shakira

“The people who choose to follow me value my performance on stage. Although they appreciate my professional dance and singing, they are aware that I am still Rebeca Maiellano, a Venezuelan impersonator.

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