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Single Guy Clicked Photographs & Pretending To Have A Girlfriend

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People on social media is not like asXthey appear. They can appear however they want to appear! Yes, here you are your own boss. We all have at least one friend who lives a totally different life on the internet. With this, even singles can easily make others think that they are in a relationship. Here we are presenting you a guy, Rain Yokohama, who shares amazing photographs on social media pretending to have a girlfriend.

The guy has recently posted a series of photographs with his girlfriend who doesn’t really exist. Scroll down and have a look!

1. When you don’t have a bae in real!20-13 - Copy



2. Oh my god! I am going to leave this planet.19-160 - Copy



3. That’s how single people do it!18-18



4. Yeah! that’s how you can pretend to have a girlfriend.17-16 - Copy



5. You can also try it, after all, deceiving is believing here.

16-18-10 - Copy




6. A standing ovation with a huge round of applause for this one!

15-16 - Copy



7. To me, this one seems really horrible.

14-170 - Copy



8. Competition at its highest!

13-180 - Copy



9. Well! all that glitters is not gold.5-43



10. That’s the most amazing one on the list.11-16-10 - Copy



11. When she is overprotective for you.



12. Lol!



13. Again a horrible one!




14. When you have crossed all the limits of being single.




15. I guess this guy is living in 2060!




16. The most intense kiss ever!




17. Together forever!




18. When you become way too single!




19. Not bad!




20. What swag!




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