Security Fails to Make You Wriggle

Certain individuals carry on with their lives in dread, bubble-enveloping each feature of their life by a restless journey to guarantee their consistent security. The sort of individuals that blow on their food over two times, that hang tight for the walk signal on a noticeably unfilled stretch of street or call an exterminator to manage a hornet’s home as opposed to getting a margarine blade and handkerchief and moving up the sleeves of their Def Leppard shirt.

And afterward there are the people who live like there’s no tomorrow; pushing the limits of mental stability and consistently imperiling their lives not really for brilliance or wealth… in any case, since that is the manner by which they get things done. The sort of people who p*ss on the special stepped area of OSHA and figure that each occupation ought to be a bet with your life.

We recognize the wild imbeciles down beneath. They act as a close consistent wake up call of the delicacy of human existence and the tremendousness of human idiocy.

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