Rescued Calf And Giant African Prodded Turtle Lay Trust In One another And Construct An Indivisible Bond

It is common for animals to become friends. But what if it comes from different kinds of animals? A bond between species is always admirable. These animals learn to care for and love one another, develop trust in one another over time, and a wonderful friendship develops.

Take, for instance, Simon, the rescued baby cow, and Leonardo, the giant African spurred turtle. When they lived together at the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT), they became friends. Despite their species differences, they surprised all of WFFT’s staff by developing an unlikely friendship between species.

After the zoo in Bangkok was closed in 2013, Leonardo was saved from there. In January of 2016, Simon joined WFFT. When he and his mother became entangled in the vines, he lost a portion of his hind leg at the time. Fortunately, a prosthetic leg was put in his place to make it easier for him to walk.

The staff at WFFT put the injured baby cow in a big open enclosure and moved him to a field with two other rescued cows to speed up his recovery.

Simon met Leonardo here. The baby cow and the enormous tortoise became close friends after gathering several times. They always stay together, eat together, and sleep together. It would appear that they will never be apart in friendship.

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