Putin is a Hindu: Indian Minister Sadhvi Prachi

New Delhi-Just hours in the wake of making a disputable remark on the Khans of Bollywood, BJP MP Sadhvi Prachi again kicked up a debate after she called Vladimir Putin a Hindu. Sadhvi said Putin’s unique name is Vaarahmihir Putr Singh.

Prior on Sunday, Prachi said that Hindus should blacklist motion pictures made by or featuring any of the three Khans of Bollywood and has asked conservative Hindu outfits to tear notices of their movies and make a campfire of them. “For what reason do they generally locate a Hindu young lady for themselves? We should blacklist the Khans”, said Sadhvi.

“To energize love jihad,under a connivance the Khans have hitched Hindu ladies – Maliaka Arora, Gauri, Kiran Rao”, ANI cited Prachi as saying.

Not simply that, Sadhvi Prachi, resounding RSS boss Mohan Bhagwat, directed Mother Teresa and said that Mother Teresa used to change over lower station Hindus to Christianity. She said there ought to be a law on change.

While focusing on Rahul Gandhi, Prachi said that he ought to get hitched as quickly as time permits since his mom and sister are concerned. She likewise included that it would be better if the young lady is Indian.

Prachi owned the expression at a VHP occasion in Dehradun and emphasized BJP MP Sakshi Mahraj’s explanation that Hindus must have multiple youngsters.

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