Pictures That Look More Like Fiction, yet They’re Real

Presently, when practically we all have a wireless with web access, astounding us is hard. In any case, despite the fact that we can see a picture of an alternate side of the planet all of a sudden, there are still things that are difficult to envision until you see them: a fountain a second prior to ejection, a dragonfly wing, and even police stream skiing in Venice.

We at RetCasm are astounded at individuals who figured out how to see these inconceivable things and we need to show you their best finds.

“9 years without a hair style. Indeed, this is a person.”

Police in Venice get around on fly skis!

This little dog was brought into the world with a mustache.


This deception of a blast was made by mists and daylight.

A dragonfly wing

This heap of exhumed fire hydrants

“A real full rainbow encompassed the shadow of my plane.”


After a snowfall around mid-summer

The tip of the needle of another needle

What happens when lightning strikes a banner on a fairway:

“I flew my robot over a field around evening time with a light swinging from it to light the lavender while I snapped a photo with my camera.”

These blossoms that seem to be minuscule hummingbirds!

The yearly storm custom of Mumbai’s sea offering back what has been unloaded in it

Strokkur fountain a second prior to ejection

“I tracked down a major blueberry”

Another ballpoint pen

“I made a 81 megapixel effort of the sun today. There are two or three fascinating regions on the off chance that you zoom into the surface.”

“My parent’s water is hot pink due to a substance spill.”

“There are jackass caretakers in Italy. These brushing creatures are dropped from high fields down to the fields. Infant sheep can’t make this excursion all alone. Rather than strolling, they ride in the pockets of a uniquely made saddle on the rear of a jackass or a donkey caretaker. They are then gotten back to their moms after the excursion.”

“It’s called Cucamelon and it suggests a flavor like cucumber in lime juice.”

Dinosaur impressions in France

“Found an entryway entering a field in Denmark”

B-ball players remaining close to team promoters

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