Online Pictures captures the best backside body art fails

  • Horrible design intended to make an impact, though not what was expected
  • For some reason, many women have her G-string tattooed on their buttocks.
  • Many of the tattoos are attempts at humor, while others are designed to shock her
  • . A photo showing where one tattoo has been removed and replaced with another shows how people feel numb when they walk into her tattoo parlor.

This collection shows the terrifying extent of those who permanently inscribe gruesome designs into their skin.

Some designs are clearly meant to be funny, and while g-string tattoos are popular with women for some reason, men often prefer some sort of joke. Unfortunately, the pattern does not come out even after washing the man who is wearing it.

Another scribbles halfway through “McDonald’s” food, and one man’s back is covered in the horrifying markings of a chimpanzee.

This design also includes multiple pairs of eyes and a terrifying face painted on the back of the man’s head. Many of the

tattoos have an invitation of some kind, such as ‘put coin in slot’ or ‘get coin’.

A person who finds temporary meaning removes a tattoo only to replace it with another.

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