The new trailer for “Wakanda Forever” gives a better look at the new Panther and Namor.

A new trailer for “Black Panther: Homecoming” has been released by Marvel Studios.Tickets for the next MCU film, Wakanda Forever, are currently available for purchase.

“Wakanda Forever” returns Ryan Coogler as director and co-writer.After what happened in “Avengers:The sequel “Endgame” finds T’Challa’s beloved homeland dealing with its grief and coping with new threats.

Marvel Studios announced that it would not recast T’Challa following the death of Chadwick Boseman.All things being equal, another person would accept the Dark Jaguar responsibility.

This is the official synopsis:

Black Panther: Homecoming

The “Black Panther:On November 11, “Wakanda Forever” will premiere.

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