More than 15 reasons not to Trust Social Media

Well, it’s true that we get a little bit of envy when we look at those fancy pictures on Instagram.How can I achieve my ideal body?I’ve been doing yoga and cardio, eating keto, and nothing has changed.or we say things like,Wow, what a fortunate woman!She is treated like a queen by her husband.I wish I had the chance to visit that restaurant once in my life.That is, to some extent, positive.We can turn that feeling into power and use it to achieve our goals.But wait, have you ever questioned whether our models are real while we’re busy chasing them?

If it is on social media, it probably is fake, whether it is an Instagram influencer or a social media marketing company.They make up things to catch our attention.They achieved the followers and likes they desired.You’ll notice that they’re not exactly perfect if you slow down and look closer.Pictures that show the other side of the social media “truth” can be found below.Let’s go down and look at them together.When you look at these pictures, I hope they make you laugh a lot.

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