Model claims she was ‘harassed’ and kicked out of the supermarket for being ‘extra hot’

Model claims she was ‘harassed’ and kicked out of the supermarket for being ‘extra hot’

Kerolay Chaves says she was simply pushing her shopping streetcar around the store yet was tossed out after general store supervisors in Belo Horizonte, Brazil asserted her garments were “excessively uncovering”

Kerolay Chaves was told to leave the grocery store

A model claims she has been the victim of “hot woman phobia” after being kicked out of her local Brazilian supermarket.

Kerolay Chaves claims that she was just pushing her shopping trolley around to buy biscuits while wearing flip flops, a white crop top, and denim shorts. However, she was told by staff that her clothes were “too revealing” and asked to leave hacked out. The force to be reckoned with and model, 21, says she was thrown out of the store in Belo Horizonte, in her local Brazil.

She shared this with her 435,000 Instagram followers: Just got back from the grocery store, and I was teased because I was wearing “too short clothes.” I was eventually kicked out of the website after others looked at me with prejudice and cursed at me. Do you hold that belief? The fact that women are still treated this way simply because we dress how we want is absurd to me.

As police release a photo of the couple who fled the scene, a 7-year-old boy is attacked by a dog in the pub garden.

She was wearing this outfit to the store.

She guarantees she was excessively lovely for the staff to deal with

“Truly, we go through it since we’re excessively hot, there’s nothing more to it.” Kerolay, who also has 2.2 million people following him on TikTok, added: The uncalled-for hate I received in the market and in my Instagram post both offended me. I think this large number of put-downs have more to do with the ‘hot lady fear’ I overcome consistently.” Fans have been taken aback by the incident, but not everyone agrees with the model. One individual said: ” There’s no need to go to the supermarket in that way. You are causing embarrassment to the decent individuals who frequently attend with children.

According to Raul Cavalcante, You must have been ejected from the location in the same manner that a man without a shirt would be.” Aguinaldo Junior also spoke in her favor, saying: They did the wrong thing to you. People wear clothes that make them feel better.

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