MMA star has been shot dead by military police

According to reports in Brazil, MMA star Mauro Chaulet was shot dead in Porto Alegre following a violent altercation with an off-duty military police officer that began in a local bar and left both men with gunshot wounds. According to local media, Mauro Chaulet died of a gunshot wound after the altercation. The incident is said to have occurred in a bar in Porto Alegre. MMA star Mauro Chaulet was shot dead by military police in Porto Alegre

  • Before the situation got out of hand, it was said that the 34-year-old got into a violent fight with a military police officer at a local bar.

  • The episode is said to have started at around 12 PM, at Auma Bar, situated in the northern area of the city.

According to some reports, Chaulet’s female acquaintance had gotten into a fight with a woman who was with the police officer.

It is said that the tactical cop was off the clock, however the occurrence created after a firearm was drawn. Who fired the first shot is unclear.

According to reports from the area, Chaulet shot the police officer in the groin. It is still unknown whether he used the officer’s gun or his own.

Chaulet was shot in the back shortly after, and his friend was shot in the stomach.

The woman and the police officer were both taken to the hospital with injuries that could have been fatal, but it has been reported that they both survived.

Team Goat Management, a management firm, was said to represent Chaulet.

In response to the alleged incident, a TGM Instagram statement read: Sadly, today we lost one more extraordinary individual, survivor of the ruthless savagery in Brazil that is rehashed consistently.

“You were unique, and we will never forget you!” Mauro Chaulet, RIP.’

Prior to the alleged incident that resulted in his death, it has been reported that Chaulet had a number of run-ins with the law.

Among these are reportedly physical harm and the use of fake documents.

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