Man Turned Down For Adopting a Cat because He is Gay

What makes you a decent cat father? Love for the animal? Owning a flat with an extensive encased outside space? Probably not. Your sexuality, clearly.

Alex Andreou is a UK-based writer and actor who as of late chosen the time had come to adopt a kitty. Following an advertisement, he made a trip two hours to meet a man who said their little furball was in urgent need of re-homing. However, they altered their opinion in the wake of discovering that Alex is gay. What’s more, that is only the start of the story. As the biased person ended up being a psycho, things simply continued getting stranger and more peculiar. Scroll down to read the entire story in Alex’s own words.

This is Alex Andreou, a UK-based writer and actor


He was going to adopt a kitty, but its “religious” owner got really judgemental


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