Makeup artist, 33, “bombarded man with 159,000 texts then broke into his home to bathe naked” after ONE date

Jacqueline Ades, 33, sent a chilling message to the CEO warning that she would “make sushi” with the CEO’s kidneys and “chopsticks” from his hand bones.

An Arizona CEO is said to have been stalked by Jacqueline Ades. Credit:Instagram According to the RetCasm, the businessman, whose identity has not been disclosed by authorities, stated that he only responded to a small number of messages and eventually blocked her phone number.

In the case, which is scheduled to go to trial on Tuesday in Phoenix, Arizona’s Maricopa County Superior Court, Ades has pleaded not guilty to the charges of stalking and trespassing.The couple went on one date, according to police records, but they broke up before the night was over.Over the course of nearly ten months, the CEO’s phone was inundated with over 100,000 texts from Ades, sometimes 500 messages per day, he told authorities.

One message read, “One person exclaimed, “You have to be nice to me.”N remain forever.Other people were clearly less romantic:I’d use your kidneys for sushi and your hand bones for chopsticks.”Even though he told Ades he didn’t want to see or hear from her again, the man told police that Ades kept in touch with him after the date. “YOU SHOULD DIE.”According to police, Ades decided to return to Arizona after the CEO blocked her on WhatsApp, according to the New York Post.

When he saw her parked outside his house in July 2017, he called the police.According to police records obtained through a Freedom of Information request, her texts soon became threatening and delusional.One message stated, “You ought to die.”You have outstayed your welcome.The time had come, according to other texts, for Ades’ own “self gain.”I’m giving you up for money!another text said.Later, a message asking for money was sent:I require funds.I’ll get it from you.I’ll make it.Then, in April of that year, while the businessman was out of the country, Ades allegedly invited herself into his home.

I would use your kidneys to make sushi and your hand bones to make chopsticks.Text message from Ades The man saw the alleged intruder around midnight on his surveillance system as a woman he had met on the millionaire matchmaking app Luxy a year and a half before.According to reports, she brought two dogs, food to prepare, and a wine bottle, which was on the center island in the kitchen when authorities arrived.

According to the officers, when they opened the door to the bathroom, they saw Ades taking a bath in the tub and told her to get a towel to cover herself.She granted officers permission to retrieve her driver’s license from her parked Mercedes-Benz outside the residence.

According to officials, they discovered an eight-inch butcher’s knife on the front passenger seat.

They added that the alleged stalker was taken into custody on April 8, 2018, at the businessman’s residence in Paradise Valley, Arizona, and stowed away in the back of a police cruiser.Ades was questioned by law enforcement about messages in which she vowed to cut off the executive’s body and take his organs.According to the police report,Ades responded that she would never do that, but she later clarified that she was saying that she “would do those things” if she and the victim were together and he left.

She was charged with first-degree criminal trespassing on a residential structure, which is a felony.She was released from custody, but on May 8 she was brought back to jail after failing to appear in court and claiming to be the man’s wife at the workplace.Reaching Ades’ public defender was unsuccessful on multiple occasions.

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