Make-up artist accused of ‘blackface’ impersonating Kobe Bryant

Asian makeup artist is accused for ‘blackface‘ impersonating into Kobe Bryant – yet she guarantees she was just ‘honoring’ the late NBA star.

  • TikTok user @easy_baobo utilized cosmetics to make herself seem to be the NBA star

A TikToker who recorded herself utilizing cosmetics to seem to be the late b-ball legend Kobe Bryant has confronted analysis over the clasp – with some blaming her for ‘blackface’.

Asian TikTok user @easy_baobo, who is thought to be living in the United States, posted footage of herself pretending to be the LA Lakers basketball player, who died in a helicopter crash in Los Angeles in January 2020.

She then donned makeup, a latex cap, and fake facial hair.

In excess of 180,000 individuals have since preferred the clasp however large numbers of the remarks in response to it are negative – while others protect the recording, saying it’s plainly a fan offering recognition.

“Kobe is forever in my heart” was the title of a second video that was similar. @easy_babao has posted different recordings showing herself utilizing cosmetics to seem as though other popular stars including Audrey Hepburn. Cate Blanchett and Heath Ledger in The Joker. 

Make-up artist accused of 'blackface' impersonating Kobe Bryant
After using makeup to imitate the late NBA basketball star Kobe Bryant, TikTok user @easy_baobo; the ten-second clasp has started a negative response from some one individual considered her change to an alternate identity was ‘totally blackface’, others said the video just felt ‘wrong in some way’.

Around 200 years ago, non-black actors on stage and screen started using makeup to make themselves look like black people, which led to the term “blackface.”

It is regarded as deeply racist and offensive. One individual remarked: ‘ Because it is in fact blackface, they are calling it blackface.

After the video was shared, the debate spread to Twitter, where some defended the TikToker, claiming that her intentions were good.

Make-up artist accused of 'blackface' impersonating Kobe Bryant
In a video that went through each step, the makeup artist showed how she changed, but some people have said that the video is an example of blackface.

Make-up artist accused of 'blackface' impersonating Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant, a hero for the Los Angeles Lakers, died in a helicopter crash three years ago.

One Twitter user wrote, “The video showed the star was “forever in my heart.”

” TikToker @easy_baobo said. I agree, and I don’t think this was done with ill will, but I won’t say what is or isn’t sensitive for a particular group, especially when there is history.

One more was added: Blackface generally had the aim to affront or derision individuals of color.

Certainly not the situation here.’ B-ball symbol Brant was killed on January 26, 2020, alongside eight others – including his little girl Gigi – in a shocking helicopter crash in the slopes outside Los Angeles.

Bryant and different travelers were gone to Gigi’s ball game at his Mamba Sports Foundation in Thousand Oaks, California, when unfortunate perceivability saw the helicopter collide with the sloping waterfront scene.

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