Lady Dresses Like Celebs To Show That You Don’t Need To Be Thin To Look Great (New Pics)

Katie Sturino, a body acceptance advocate from New York, the creator of Megababe and the author of “Body Talk,” continues to awe the internet with her accurate recreations of celebrity outfits. Katie is of the opinion that every body is beautiful and that to look beautiful in an outfit, you don’t have to be stick-thin or conform to runway model standards. Below, take a look at some of Katie’s best new looks, and don’t forget to give the ones that inspired you the most upvotes.

Katie fights for better representation of women of all sizes in the fashion industry. As part of the #SupersizeTheLook movement, she wants fabulous outfits in all sizes.

Katie discussed her most recent projects, the state of the fashion industry’s acceptance of size, and her style advice for women this summer and fall in a follow-up interview with RetCasm. Take a look by scrolling down.

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1. Chrissy Teigen

2. Kate Middleton

3. Chiara Ferragni

4. Reese Witherspoon

5. Gabrielle Union

6. Olivia Munn

7. Kendall Jenner

8. Beyonce

9. Eva Longoria

10. Diana, Princess Of Wales

11. Reese Witherspoon

12. Busy Philipps

13. Irina Shayk

14. Tracee Ellis Ross

15. Kim Possible Edition

16. Katie Holmes

17. Sienna Miller

18. Kate Middleton

19. Tamu Mcpherson

20. Barbie

21. Hailey Bieber

22. Tinx

23. Sarah Jessica Parker

24. Amelia Gray Hamlin

25. Ciara

26. Lana Condor

27. Mindy Kaling

28. Busy Philipps

29. Irina Shayk

30. Kate Middleton

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