Lady Cop Proposes Wanted Criminal, Captures Him In Sanctuary During Marriage

A Criminal, needed in 16 criminal cases was captured in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhatarpur India, in a snare of marriage by a lady cop.

An occupant of Bijouri town of Mahoba area of Uttar Pradesh, named Balkishan Chaubey, was conveying a reward of Rs 10,000 on his head. Chaubey had murdered a man in Nowgaon territory of Madhya Pradesh in August this year.

“The MP Police were attempting to seize him yet every time he prevailing with regards to evading us,” said SS Baghel, sub-divisional of police, Chhatarpur.

Criminal was searching for a lady to wed. Police laid a snare and asked a lady cop to get in touch with him through portable.

Tilak Singh, director of police, Chhatarpur stated, “Police organized a SIM card of New Delhi hover for the sake of a lady worker from Bundelkhand, who is by and by living in New Delhi. The lady sub-examiner called Chaubey and said she erroneously dialed his number. Chaubey asked her whereabouts and later he checked the qualifications of the number. Chaubey got back to her and they began conversing with one another. Following seven days, the lady proposed union with him,”

“The lady sub-monitor came to there with other police staff in common dress. When Chaubey arrived at the sanctuary, police captured him on Thursday,” said Singh.

Balkishan was created under the watchful eye of the court on Friday and sent to prison.

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