Man Stabbed in the Skull and Eye | Survived | Believe It or Not?

In 1998, while he was at a companion’s living arrangement in Jacksonville, Florida, an obscure attacker wounded Michael Hill in the head and left, assuming that his objective would set down and bite the dust like an ordinary individual. Rather, Michael meandered down the road to another companion’s home to get help with a 8 inch survival blade still installed in his dark issue.

The chances resisting, wad of bronze Michael clarified that he “…didn’t feel the torment at first and it was just when I was at the emergency clinic that it hit me and I felt like my eyes were protruding out.”

Slope’s landing and treatment at the Shands Jacksonville Trauma focus was recorded and communicate on the TLC arrangement Trauma: Life in the E.R..

In spite of the enormous blade entering his cerebrum, Hill was cognizant and responsive when touched base at the medical clinic. Four hours after he arrived the blade was evacuated.

Slope made due without even a contamination and inside seven days was released from the emergency clinic, despite the fact that the blade had made perpetual harm his memory and deadened his left hand. He presently has infrequent cerebral pains and needs medicine to anticipate seizures.

He’s currently the pleased holder of the Guiness Record for “Biggest Object Removed From Human Skull”.

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