Katie Price makes sure all eyes are on her

Katie Price is capitalizing on her radiant escape with her on-off sweetheart, Carl Woods, as she presented poolside guaranteeing she got a tan

Katie Price guaranteed everyone’s eyes would be on her

Katie Price appeared stunning as she took a number of photographs while enjoying the Spanish sun. After the couple rekindled their relationship, which had been the subject of speculation for some time, the former model recently took a trip to Spain with her on-and-off boyfriend Carl Woods. However, they recently flew to Alicante in an effort to make the most of the quiet summer months before the summer holidays because they appear to be happier than ever. Only days after the star shook an Association Banner two-piece to commend the Crowning celebration of Lord Charles and Sovereign Camilla, she was back poolside.

Katie Value all grins with Benidorm symbol during escape with Carl Woods

Katie Cost is at present partaking in a sun-absorbed escape Alicante

The former Page 3 star made it clear that everyone would be watching her

Katie, 44, looked each inch the star as she put on a tempting presentation in a small pink two-piece which was enhanced with raspberry designs. Before relaxing on a sun lounger and making sure almost every part of her body was tanned, the mother of five showed off her well-sculpted physique that she had honed in the gym all over the extravagant pool. Later, Katie unwinded on a wall with a view of the stunning harbor and the crystal-clear ocean in the background, kicking her head back to shut out the outside world.

Katie is partaking in her escape with her on-off beau Carl Woods

The star wants to get a golden tan

The model put her huge tattoos on full presentation, with an inking of a unicorn across her stomach, completing under her bosom getting the eyes of spectators while having two hawk wings inked on her legs. Katie, an ex-Page 3 star, went natural, showing off her natural beauty by wearing a headband that matched her brunette locks and letting them fall freely down her back. She recently revealed that she intends to have another child but will use a fan to carry her sixth child during her trip.

In the not-too-distant future, Katie hopes to have another child

In an interview that Katie gave to Lewis Raymond Taylor on the podcast Turning Adversity Into an Asset in April, she described her strategy for having a second child. She stated: I have a surrogate, but I no longer have any eggs. I am 44 years old, and I want to have another child. What should I do? It won’t come out of me. Katie responded to Lewis’ inquiry regarding the mother of the child, ” I have this woman, it will be my egg – she’s been an enthusiast of dig for quite a long time and she does surrogacy.”

She is available to persuing surrogacy

She recently wore a patriotic bikini to celebrate the Coronation

When asked who will be the father, the television star responded, ” If I were in a relationship, it would be with that person, or a sperm donor. Katie celebrated King Charles’ coronation over the weekend while on vacation in Spain by modeling a Union Jack bikini. As the new monarch was crowned at Westminster Abbey, she donned a patriotic bikini and head scarf, exuding confidence as she took in the warmth. The unscripted television star was likewise seen kissing and snuggling Carl, who seemed to match Katie’s enthusiastic swimwear decision as he settled on some blue swimming shorts.

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