K-pop stars Jung Joon-young and Choi Jong-hoon sentenced for rape

A South Korean court has condemned K-pop stars Jung Joon-youthful and Choi Jong-hoon to six and five years in jail for assaulting alcoholic oblivious ladies.

Jung was additionally accused of shooting the ambush and dispersing the recording.

The men should complete 80 hours of sexual brutality treatment courses and are prohibited from working with kids.

The case is one of a few sex and misuse embarrassments that have shaken the K-pop world lately.

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  • Judge Kang Seong-soo said that Jung, 30, had assaulted ladies who were “inebriated and incapable to oppose, taped them bare and having intercourse, at that point spread it on a gathering talk”.

    “We can’t envision the agony the exploited people may have felt who discovered later.”

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  • He additionally said it appeared Jung saw the unfortunate casualties similarly as an instrument for delight.

    In the last declaration, Jung – who rose to acclaim on a TV ability appear – stated: “I profoundly lament my stupidity and I feel incredible regret.”

    “Starting now and into the foreseeable future, I will as it were… live in regret,” he included.

    In March, he quit the music business in the wake of conceding that he covertly taped ladies and shared the recordings.

    On Choi – a previous individual from the band F.T. Island, which had number one collections in South Korea – the court said the 30-year-old “didn’t feel regret after mass-assaulting smashed exploited people”.

    Presentational dim line

    ‘Young ladies are standing up’

    The claims including a portion of the greatest stars of the K-pop world have become a developing outrage.

    At the point when we researched the issue not long ago, legal advisor Cha Mee-kyung portrayed these assaults as “shrouded violations”.

    I was advised ladies would not like to approach out of disgrace, and dread they would be judged – as opposed to their assailants.

    Take this visit room response to the present sentence for instance.

    “This is fairly a lot for this sort of wrongdoing. These ladies were not abducted in the city, yet pursued the attractive artists.”

    Be that as it may, young ladies are understanding that together, they do have a voice. In fights and walks they are standing up. Because of them, things are evolving.

    Two K-pop stars who kidded about assaulting ladies with their companions are currently in a correctional facility.

    At any rate, this terrible wrongdoing – which has occurred in the shadows of South Korean culture – has been hauled into the light.

    Presentational dark line

    The body of evidence against the two was found during a different police examination concerning K-pop genius Seungri – who was purportedly an individual from Jung’s gathering visit.

    Seungri, whose boyband Big-blast have sold in excess of 140 million records, has been accused of providing whores to potential business financial specialists.

    Police purportedly discovered Jung’s recordings while exploring that case.

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