Jennifer Lawrence agrees to first full nude scene in new movie ‘No Hard Feeling’

Jennifer Lawrence appears nude on screen after agreeing to appear in her first fully nude scene in her new film No Hard Feelings.

Again, no well-arranged plants or furniture. We are talking about relatively close-up frontal nudity.

Before Lawrence goes to the beach, she dives naked into the water and is at one with nature.

The Hunger Games star isn’t entirely new to nudity on screen, having stripped naked in the 2018 film Red Sparrow, but she’s not the only one who does. Due to her position, much of her body is not yet visible.

Jennifer Lawrence plays an Uber driver in No Hard Feelings.

But not this time. In No Hard Feelings, Lawrence takes on the role of a bartender and Uber driver who struggles to pay for her mother’s house.

Her 32-year-old character, who was suddenly found without her car, had an ad from her desperate parents looking for someone to “date” her 19-year-old son respond to I put “date” in quotes because it’s more than just a dinner and a movie.

Lawrence’s character displays racy behavior throughout the film in a desperate attempt to help the teenager gain her experience, and her skinny dipping is just one of the things they do.

Lawrence had previously undressed in Red Sparrow.

Lawrence told Variety about his decision to step onto the scene, saying, “Everyone in my life and on my team is doing the right thing, but they’re like, ‘Really? I feel,” he said. of course? really? ’ I thought nothing of it.

Lawrence “rehearsed a lot” for the scene, but her co-star Andrew Barth-Feldman, 21, insisted there was “nothing wrong” between the two.

He said, “Every situation the characters find themselves in is laughable. We quickly became very close and nothing felt strange or dangerous. It was totally professional.” , worked with 21-year-old Andrew Barth-Feldman.

After seeing the actions of the characters in the film, Lawrence questioned Feldman’s comment, asking, “Even when I put a t-shirt over your head and put you on a motorboat?” asked. Feldman, however, stood by his opinion, saying, “I felt it was an exclusively sterile and professional environment.”

The comfortable relationship between the two actors was further fueled by their chemistry on set, with Feldman saying, “On day one, we shared each other’s deepest, darkest secrets. And from there it just took off.” explained. Available in cinemas. Topic: Jennifer Lawrence, TV and Movies, Celebrities

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