Japanese “Cosplay Queen” Stuns Fans by Uncovering That She Is Really a Man

A famous Japanese cosplayer known for changing herself into genuine variants of hot female anime characters, as of late turned out as a man who utilizes cosmetics, wigs and different assistants to accomplish an amazingly ladylike look.

With more than 65,000 supporters on Twitter, and a few different thousands on Instagram, Rei Dunois can securely be portrayed as a genuinely well known female cosplayer. However, appearances can be beguiling. Regardless of having become famous by changing into different female anime characters throughout the most recent few years, Rei as of late left her fans with their mouths all the way open by uncovering that she was really a “he”. In the wake of keeping the appearances up for such a long time, the skilled cosplayer obviously chose to uncover reality and persuade individuals that they shouldn’t think all that they see on the web.

A small waste, adequate chest, and an alluring ladylike face immediately shot Rei Dunois to the status of cosplay goddess in Japan. Truth be told, the vast majority of her male fans never envisioned that the lady they had always wanted was really a grown-up male with ladylike highlights.

“The hot young lady whom I’ve been following for some time is a kid? Staggering!” one of Rei’s devotees remarked.

“Can’t think anything on the Internet,” someone else composed, which coincidentally was the point the cosplayer was attempting to demonstrate.

In spite of the fact that the uncover caused a major stun, subsuquent responses were shockingly positive, with most analysts adulating and recognizing Rei Dunois for her cosmetics and advanced altering abilities. Since truly, used a touch of tech enchantment also.

What’s more, on the off chance that you’re thinking about how the male cosplayer got those enormous boobs, they’re really a silicone prosthesis disguised with cosmetics. They look genuine, not going to mislead anybody…

Remeber Takuma Tani, the 42-year-elderly person who has been cosplaying as a youthful student for very nearly 10 years? Indeed, clearly he’s by all account not the only one who can pull off the ladylike look easily.

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