In the West Bank, g*y Palestinian Ahmad Abu Marhia is executed.

After the decapitated body of a 25-year-old man (Ahmad Abu Marhia) was discovered in the occupied West Bank, Palestinian police arrested a suspect.

Ahmad Abu Marhia was seeking asylum in Israel, where LGBTQ groups claim he received threats due to his sexual orientation.

Social media has seen a lot of the murder scene video, which has led to speculation about the motive, but the police say nothing is confirmed.

For the time being, it is unknown how Mr. Abu Marhia got to the city.

According to LGBTQ organizations, he fled abroad after receiving death threats from within his community and spent two years in Israel waiting for an asylum claim.

According to friends of the victim, he was taken to the West Bank, according to Israeli media.

However, according to his family, he frequently went to Hebron to see them and work.They characterized the claims regarding the motivation as rumors.

The most conservative social and religious groups in both Israeli and Palestinian societies oppose homosexuality.According to the reports, he had hoped to travel to Canada after fleeing his home on a humanitarian permit.

Activist Natali Farah told Israel’s Haaretz newspaper Mr Abu Marhia was well known and liked and the whole LGBTQ community was “crying now”.

Ahmad Abu Marhia
Ahmad Abu Marhia

She added, “Everyone is scared.”

The beheading also caused outrage among Palestinians.

According to a Times of Israel report, the crime had “crossed every single red line in our society, whether in terms of morals, customs, or basic humanity” according to a Karama radio station presenter.

According to the newspaper, 90 Palestinians who identify as LGBT currently seek asylum in Israel after experiencing discrimination in their home communities.Since July, they have only been permitted to look for work in Israel.

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