I’m a girlfriend for rent for $12K—Women don’t date for free

Woman says she makes $12,000 a month dating single men.

  • In Mexico, a lady is giving direction to individual single ladies, proposing that they cease from dating “for nothing.”

  • She guarantees that she procures more than $12,000 each month by offering her administrations as a substitute ally to clients.

In this day and age, there is by all accounts a business opportunity for many administrations, including friendship.

It is possible to rent a partner for a day for those who are feeling alone and have the financial means to do so.


Kiirmy, an ally for-enlist, has unveiled that she offers her administrations to go with people for a foreordained day to day expense.

She claims that some people are willing to spend a lot of money on her to spend time with her.

She displays these experiences with pride on her social media platforms and even exhorts other people not to date without receiving financial compensation.


Kiirmy, who goes by the online handle @kiirrmy, works full-time as a girlfriend-for-hire, giving people who are willing to pay for her time and companionship.

A few years ago, this influencer, who has a following of 233,200 people, started her unconventional job.

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“It came to me on the grounds that in my nation of origin, Japan, paid dating is something extremely ordinary,” Kiirmy on the web, told Jam Press.

She said: ” I had fans and folks who previously needed to meet with me, so I began meeting, charging, and going on excursions. Both they and I profit from this.

“In addition the vast majority like it to stay private and for the most part clients need to disappear from the focal point of towns, so it truly makes it serene.”

Kiirmy sets her base cost for friendship at roughly $540, yet she guarantees that specific clients have gone past that and paid thousands to appreciate her conversation.

“It has to be a high price, because this is not something you normally do,” Kiirmy stated on Instagram (@kiirrmy).

“It resembles an exceptional event and I energize a ton of ladies to avoid it date for nothing.”


Kiirmy adds a humorous twist to her content by making fun of the idea of walking men on leashes in some of her videos.

She also uses other videos to proudly show off the outfits she picked out for her dates.

Kiirmy provides viewers with a glimpse into a date with one of her clients in a recent video that was posted earlier this month and has received over 8 million views.


The substance maker exhibits different exercises during the trip, including shopping, eating together, and watching a film.

Large numbers of Kiirmy’s dedicated fans exceptionally value her work and think that she is alluring.


Some people say they want to hire her, and others say they want to be like her.

They find her personal style and presence appealing, and they admire her profession.


In the remarks, somebody composed: ” I need to lease a sweetheart.”

“My fantasy”, one more said.

Additionally, people frequently comment that they like her style, writing: Delightful as usual”, and “Kill.”

Even though she has a lot of admirers and people who are interested in her, it’s important to know how complicated her profession is and how different people think about it.

Kiirmy’s web-based presence reveals insight into a less-known part of connections today, igniting discussions and interest among her supporters.


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