I Colorize Black And White Pictures To Bring Memories To Clear Reality

Howdy, I’m Jecinci, a 36 years of age draftsman and 3D Artist from Romania enthusiastically for colorizing dark and white photographs. For my purposes, colorizing dark and white pictures is a side interest that opens an energetic and dynamic window into the past, through which recollections become a striking reality.

I began this side interest of photograph rebuilding a long time back, subsequent to seeing an instructional exercise on YouTube by some coincidence, with an old photograph of my grandparents and went on with different individuals from the family. The subsequent stage was to work on my abilities, and, with the assistance of probably the best photograph altering craftsmen in the field (Olga S., Doug B., Dragos A., Florin R., Patty A., Jared E., Mads M., Jordan L. and others, to whom I might want to say a BIG “Thank you!”), I figured out how to do that (and will keep on doing as such, I trust). Sooner or later, I began to focus on pictures until I figured out how to get a decent handle on them.

This worked on my “specialized” Photoshop abilities and gave me the fortitude to handle different kinds of classic photographs like scenes, war scenes, vehicles, city life, and a wide range of various subjects. I like to colorize pictures that interest me and my creative mind. Pictures I’m interested to find in variety, other than representations of significant or less significant figures, some pretty much known, some pretty much questionable.

#1 Amelia Earhart

#2 Young Princess Diana With Her Guinea Pig Peanuts At The Sandringham Pet Show, 1972

#3 The Lumière Brothers (Louis On The Left and Auguste On The Right) In Their Laboratory, Lyon, France, Ca. 1925

#4 Albert Einstein Wearing His Levi’s “Menlo Cossack” Leather Jacket, 1938

#5 Frank Sinatra Arrested, Mugshot From 27 Nov 1938

#6 James Dean In “Monster”, 1956

#7 Girl With A Bird And A Dog, Boston, Massachusetts, US, 1920s

#8 Newly Engaged Couple, Senator John F. Kennedy And Jacqueline Bouvier, Relaxing At The Kennedy Family Home In Hyannis Port In Cape Cod, Massachusetts On The 4 July 1953

#9 Billie Holiday And Mister, February 1947

#10 George Washington Carver, March 1942

#11 Illuminated Tires Developed By Goodyear In 1961

#12 Albert Einstein Report

#13 Unpacking Mona Lisa At The End Of World War II, 1945

#14 Giraffe Women Looking At A Guard, Posted At St. James’ Palace sixteenth Century Main Gate, During Their Visit In London, 1935

#15 Fokin and Fokina, Cleopatra Ballet Costumes, Stockholm, 1914

#16 King Ferdinand And Queen Marie Of Romania Arriving At Dover, UK, For A State Visit, 12 May 1924

#17 Clark Gable, 1946

#18 Romania, 1930s

#19 Finnish Soldier Looks At A Burning Town, 1944

#20 “Gun Pete” – Frank Boardman Eaton

#21 Charlie Chaplin In “Shoulder Arms”, 1918

#22 Audrey Hepburn

#23 Paul Newman’s Navy Enlistment Photo, 1943

#24 Jackie Bouvier Kennedy And John F. Kennedy Cutting The Cake At Their Wedding, September 12, 1953, Newport, Rhode Island

#25 Podu Ros Neighborhood Viewed From The Palace Of Culture With The City Pool In The Foreground, Iasi, Romania, Early twentieth Century

#26 Arnold Schwarzenegger Posing At The Victoria Palace Theater In London, Circa 1968

#27 Marlon Brando, 1950

#28 Fokin and Fokina, Scheherazade Ballet Costumes, Stockholm, 1914

#29 Laurel And Hardy

#30 Butchers In A Bucharest Market, 1932

#31 Frances Benjamin Johnston, Self-Portrait (As New Woman), 1896

#32 Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin

#33 Audrey Hepburn Putting On Lipstick At Her Home In Mayfair (65 South Audley Street), London, September 1951

#34 Salvador Dali, 1954

#35 Desmond Thomas Doss (Hacksaw Ridge) and His Wife Dorothy, After Receiving The Medal Of Honor From President Harry Truman, October 12, 1945

#36 King George Vi Riding With His Daughters Princess Elizabeth (Later Queen Elizabeth II) and Princess Margaret In Windsor Great Park, 21 April 1939

#37 Romanian Woman In Traditional Costume From The Early twentieth Century

#38 Two Romanian Peasants, 1928

#39 Martin Luther King Jr. What’s more, Entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. Share A Laugh In Davis’ Dressing Room At New York’s Majestic Theater In 1965

#40 Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, 1920s

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