Hilarious Illustrations Depict The Differences Between Men And Women. #7 Is So True It Hurts!

The brain of Men and women works differently. Even Now scientists have also concluded that though a human brain looks the same, men and women’s brain works differently.


A male brain is wired for having clearer perception and executing much-co-ordinated actions, while a female brain, on the other hand, has got special wirings for memory and social skills which attributes a lot towards their multitasking capabilities.


Check out Funny Illustrations That Shows How Differently Men And Women Are Wired

Planning A Vacation Has Got Different Sets Of Rule For Men And Women 




This is how Men and Women get ready for anything. Men can get ready in 10 mins also but women can’t.





Men and Women Cope Up With Breakups Differently


Going Salon and having a lot of Threading, Waxing, Hair Cut, Hair Spa, Manicure and Pedicure women look almost the same but for men, even if he takes the only haircut he looks so different.


The Word ‘Patience’ Doesn’t Exit In A Man’s Dictionary.




An Advantage Of Being So Popular On Social Media



The Rules Of Sharing A Bed Are Set By Her






Cleanliness Is Not A Man’s Best Kept Habit Unless It’s His Favorite Gadget




Men Don’t Know The Difference Between Pastels And Earth-tones Duh!




It’s All In The Eyes Of Beholder



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