Heinz Launches Fries Formed Like A Spoon To Get Ideal Measure Of Sauce

Heinz is sending off spoon-formed fries to assist you with scooping the ideal measure of sauce per fry.

As per Heinz:

Made completely out of potato, Heinz Spoon Friez looks like a similar state of a customary spoon, permitting you to cook nally scoop the ideal measure of sauce in one clean dip.

A worldwide report charged by Heinz showed nine out of 10 individuals won’t eat without sauce, with 4.5 billion French fries ate every year.

It said about the new spoon fries:

Broiled potatoes come in various shapes and sizes, however because of the French fry’s work of art, long, slight style, how much sauce scooped is negligible because of its thin edge and restricted surface region.

Made from potato and looking like a similar state of a conventional spoon, the potato ‘bowl’ head will broil nally let sauce superfans partake in the ideal measure of Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

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