Hawaii Tourists Crash into a Lake ‘The Office’ Style Since Her GPS ‘Told Her To’ – Video

Don’t yell at me! In season four of The Office, Michael Scott tells Dwight Schrute that before driving into a lake. Something almost identical likely unfolded inside a minivan recently, when two Hawaii travelers followed their GPS headings squarely into a harbor.

The driver and her traveler were supposedly looking for a snorkel visit organization when their too strict understanding of their GPS bearings kicked them off in the water somewhat early.

“HOW? How do you keep driving while seeing water? Hannah Jo, a user of TikTok, asked. Not her simply grinning, locked in WHILE IT SINKS,” the client misswitch11 shouted. Fortunately, a crew on a sailboat nearby was prepared to intervene and save the day.

The Office is the best example of how great comedy always takes place in real life. Nevertheless, I don’t think anyone, not even the show’s creators, could have foreseen that one of its most memorable scenes would one day come true.

@abc7la A fast reasoning boat group helped salvage two sightseers after they drove their vehicle into a harbor in Hawaii. # abc7la #news #abc7eyewitness #hawaii #tourists #gpsmap #gpstravel original sound – ABC7LA

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