Has Michael Jordan ended his partnership with NIKE?

Last April, there were allegations that Michael Jordan ended his partnership with Nike, citing his collaboration with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

  • Sources say Jordan wasn’t happy about Nike joining the LGBT community. 

However, these claims turned out to be false. Nike worked with Mulvaney, and the basketball legend had no problem working with him.

The satirical website Patriot Party Press fabricated an article about Jordan’s frustration with Nike working with transgender people.

Once visitors land on the site, look out for the headline ‘Michael Jordan Ends Partnership with Nike: ‘Our Values No Longer Align”.

A look back at the days when Michael Jordan barely signed with Nike

Michael Jordan is the biggest name to have signed with the brand since he first signed with Nike.

His Signature Shoes When his collection became a hit right after its launch, the shoe company decided to give him its own brand, Jordan.

Years later, many sneaker enthusiasts love to collect shoes from his MJ’s beloved brand.

But in reality, the marvelous Jordan his brand barely came to life. During Mike’s rookie year, the young Chicago Bulls player was still contemplating which shoe company to represent.

Converse was his biggest basketball sneaker brand in the ’80s, but already with star players like Johnson and Larry Bird, the company could no longer keep up with “Airness.”

The next best option for Michael Jordan was to sign with Adidas. But his agent, David Falk, was reluctant to let clients negotiate a deal with Stripes.

Falk believed Adidas was dysfunctional at the time and was useless to Jordan. So David suggested Mike should sign with Nike, the newest brand on the market.

MJ didn’t like the idea at first and refused to meet with the people at Nike. David Falk then took drastic action and told Mike’s parents about the child’s stubbornness.

After speaking with Falk, Jordan’s mother called Falk and told him to at least get on the plane to hear Nike’s proposal.

It turned out to be the best decision the Bulls legend ever made, given the offer from the sneaker brand he couldn’t refuse.

At the time, other NBA stars were making $100,000 in shoe deals, while Nike was offering Jordan $250,000. Besides earning a hefty salary, MJ soon developed his own line of signature shoes and released his Jordan 1 Air in his rookie season.

Since then, the rest has become history. When it comes to sneaker income, Jordan is currently the highest-paid athlete.

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