Get Paid 20,000 $ For Sleeping? (NASA)

NASA has opened recruitment for sleep subject and for that they are paying 20,000$. Can you believe? And you just need to sleep. Sounds amazing right? It’s like the best job you can ever imagine. You are getting paid for just sleeping that what you do daily. Mostly people could actually do with some more sleep and the thought that someone would pay them to do that.

But that’s not just it. It’s not that much easy that much its sounds easy. You have to sleep, eat and even shower in the same position for 70 days. Now its look little difficult right?

You have to be in the same sleep position for 70 days because your body and cardiovascular system will adapt that you are in space. Basically this study is for helping astronauts space and also bed ridden people on earth.

BTW This is not the only sleeping job. Back in 2013, Hotel Finn (Helsinki) had recruitment for full time sleepers to check comfortness of their beds to improve their guest experience.

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