Family demands $10 million from school after son forced to pick cotton

An eighth-grade student’s family in Virginia claims that their son is being bullied because he was required to play a cotton-picking game in class earlier this year.

Additionally, they have sent the school district a notice of claim and demand requesting $10 million.

The family of Sidney Rousey stated that they want to convey a clear message.

At Gunston Middle School in February, Rousey, the only Black student in his French class, reportedly felt pressured to play a game in which he had to pick cotton with his face.

Family demands $10 million from school after son forced to pick cotton

The kid’s family said they have since sent a settlement notice to Arlington State funded Schools in light of the fact that the school’s reaction has empowered different understudies to menace him, causing profound pain.

” Sidney has been the target of increasingly severe bullying incidents. He has endured a tremendous amount of suffering throughout this process,” the family’s attorney Justin Fairfax stated. Sidney’s mom said her child has been going through a difficult stretch. ” He has sentiments.

Sidney’s mother, Keisha Kirkland, stated, “No one knows what he holds on to when he goes to sleep.”

Family demands $10 million from school after son forced to pick cotton

The game has been removed from the middle school’s list of team-building activities, according to the school district.

However, the family asserts his scholastic experience has likewise endured.

” The school has never offered an apology. He has been left alone and ostracized by them. They put him, for 51 minutes, in a different region of the library without help from anyone else to learn French,” Fairfax said.

A representative for the school region said they can’t as of now remark with regards to this issue.

What is what is going on that resembles this value? A circumstance you can’t reclaim, that you can’t fix. You tell me. Money is not the issue. It’s about common decency.

It has to do with what the school didn’t do. Kirkland stated, “Accountability is the issue.” The boy’s family plans to officially file a lawsuit if the school district does not respond within 30 days.

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