Failed Celebrities Tattoos

While some people consider themselves to be die-hard fans of their favorite celebrity, getting that celebrity’s face tattooed on oneself requires a special kind of person.

Even though it may appear acceptable at times, it is frequently a bad idea.We discovered that these tattoos frequently go very, very wrong, resulting in the tattoo owner being embarrassed and everyone being forced to silently laugh and cringe at their tattoo.

Check out this list of superfans who wanted to honor their favorite star but ended up paying for it in a dignified way.

  • How to Immortalize a Midlife Crisis

We understand that this individual was unable to resist getting a Britney Spears tattoo, but why the bald head?Did this person know that she had a breakdown and shaved her head?To immortalize a celebrity at this time is probably not the best idea.

As an example, let’s assume that Britney consents to being immortalized in ink.She probably wouldn’t have chosen this portrait even then.

  • Michael Jackson:

Not So Smooth At first, we thought it was just a random man’s tattoo.Thankfully, the initials MJ and the exaggerated nose gave us a clue.This person wanted everyone to know how much they loved Michael Jackson, and now we think it would have been better if they had burned or thrown away the money for the tattoo.

It appears that the tattoo artist was attempting an abstract drawing or was not as skilled as they claimed.Was the tattoo artist a young boy of five?

  • The Tattoo Is Crying Out for Help

O God, we all apologise for this person’s shoddy tribute to the legendary Marilyn Monroe.

That is truly appalling!Perhaps the tattoo artist had the impression that Marilyn was a huge horror movie fan.

  • This is a stunning portrait of Angelina Jolie that is winning hearts.

It looks like something out of Brad Pitt’s nightmares.We are creating a GoFundMe page to raise funds so that this person can have it laser removed because it is so amazing.

Given that Jennifer Aniston was married to Brad Pitt before he left her for Angelina Jolie, it would make a lot of sense if she was the tattoo artist.

  • Tupac, The Unicorn

Perhaps this individual is a fan of Tupac and also awestruck by unicorns.We are unable to comprehend the motivation behind getting this tattoo.

The face isn’t bad because it looks like the famous rapper, but the horn and hooves are just ridiculous.

  • Not So Incredible Hulk

After witnessing this barbaric act in the name of a tattoo, we had a “That’s Enough Internet for Today” moment when we realized that this individual typically covers it up with a shirt.

There are many Hulkamaniacs in the world, but none can match this man’s enthusiasm!

  • Hey, Avril Lavigne!

It’s hard to explain. It’s impossible to see how Avril Lavigne and this horrible tattoo are alike.

Considering the singer’s peak years, it appears that someone still needs to “Get Over It.”We can at least admire this person’s dedication to remaining a devoted fan of the singer.

  • To Get a Mr. Bean Tattoo, Do You Need More Persuasion?

We urge you—sorry, we’re begging you—to get a Mr. Bean tattoo without second thought if you can’t decide on a design.

You should think to yourself, “Why wouldn’t I want a tattoo of Mr. Bean?” after looking at this tattoo.I wouldn’t be foolish enough to pass up such a chance.

  • Absolutely not!

There are only two uses for this Napoleon Dynamite tattoo:to make you laugh and feel sorry for this person a little bit.

Those who enjoyed the critically acclaimed 2004 film Napoleon Dynamite may raise funds for this man’s laser tattoo removal treatment.It shouldn’t come as a surprise.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, one thing you will learn from this tattoo is to think before you ink. Kristen Steward probably approves of it.

Robert Pattinson’s Twilight fan tattoo just turned out to be as great as his relationship with Kristen Stewart.

  • A Tribute That Wasn’t Necessary

Although we are aware that the individual in question wanted to pay tribute to the English singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse, was it really necessary?

We are fairly certain that this unattractive tattoo would not have pleased Amy.It would appear that the tattoo artist was unaware of the late singer.

  • An Irresistibly Scriptural Tattoo

We are aware that this individual desired to get a tattoo, but why involve poor Jesus in such a mess?Why did this person carry it out?He had to endure this now, didn’t he suffer enough?

After getting this tattoo removed, this person needs to go to church.Please do so!

  • This Is Our “Top Pick”

Growing up, this person picked their nose.We don’t know if that habit has developed into an obsession.

We believe that this tattoo depicts Kasabian rocker Sergio Pizzorno.Send us your guess if you think we’re wrong.

  • Stephen Hawking’s LEG tattoo features the following text:

He is not the Messiah; rather, he is a very unruly child.”It is a line from Life of Brian, a beloved film by Monty Python.

as anticipated, caused a stir in the tattoo community and even won two convention trophies.”I respect him in quite a few different ways,” the tattoo recipient stated.

  • We Will…

We Will Scare You Freddie Mercury, the great Queen frontman, deserved better than this terrifying tattoo.Although we appreciate the effort, it must end.

We can only hope that the tattoo can be easily covered for the safety of those around them.Otherwise, it will permanently traumatize many adults and children.

  • Please Place Him in Jail

One ardent fan of Judge Judy chose to get her tattoo, leaving us with a question that might keep us up at night:WHY???

If he’s saying that we can’t judge anyone, does that mean only she can?Who grants her the authority to evaluate us?We need responses!

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