Ex-Boyfriend Bites Off Girl’s Lip Because He Wanted To ‘Leave A Mark’ For Her Next Boyfriend

South Carolina at the age of 17 started dating Seth Aaron Fleury in 2016. Seth was 21 years old at that time. A year later she broke up with him as she understood that he was not the right person to be in a relationship with. She also said that her ex-boyfriend used to treat her like property. And what Seth did to his ex-girlfriend will shake your belief on humanity.

A few weeks after their break up Kayla went to meet her ex-boyfriend so that he could correct his mistakes but instead, he became violent. Seth tried to kiss her and she pushed him back but he bit her bottom lip so badly that it almost split off.

Kayla told that she went to meet her ex-boyfriend down the streets as he requested. He bought flowers and cards for her. After reading that card, Seth asked if she has to say something but Kayla said that she didn’t come to get back with him. He threw the flowers and gifts on her. He asked her to get out. He drew a breath and tried to kiss her. she pushed him away but his ex-boyfriend bites her lip really hard and tore off her lip. She had to undergo emergency surgery after the attack and got about 300 stitches.

Kayla is now 19 and although she says that she feels sad about the incident when his ex-boyfriend bite off her lip and a part of her died after that but she is a stronger person now. Seth was sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment after what he did. Kayla also said that Seth told her that he did it intentionally so that he could leave his mark on her for her next boyfriend.

Fortunately, Kayla found her true love in Blake, a friend who was with her since she was in the hospital after the attack. Kayla says about Blake, “He is amazing, he would hold me even when I was covered in stitches and told me I was beautiful. He picked up the broken pieces. He played a humongous part in my recovery and picked me up on my hardest days. He showed me that not all guys are like my ex and that there are good people out there.”

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