Everybody Do These 25 Funny Guilty Things

Have you at any point went to the store for one thing, yet chose to purchase an additional two arbitrary things so you couldn’t be decided for purchasing just something single? We all do a lot of other strange things all the time without knowing why. To help you realize that you are not alone, we have compiled a list of the strangest practices that people engage in.

  1. Lowering the Volume to Improve Your Vision Have you ever been jamming to a song when you come to a parking lot and need to lower the volume to find a spot?

Even though you believe it helps psychologically, turning the volume down does not improve your vision.

  1. Pretending to be thinking about buying something that is too expensive When you go shopping and you are shocked by the price of an item, you can’t leave the store yet because you don’t want to appear as though you can’t afford it.

It’s even worse when a sales associate approaches you even though you have already decided not to buy something. Could I at any point assist you with tracking down anything?” ” Jessica, no, the prices here are too high.”

  1. When you listen to music with headphones on, pretending you’re in a music video. Definitely done. You are sitting in the vehicle or on open transportation paying attention to music when “1,000 Miles” by Vanessa Carlton comes on, and you in a flash vibe like you are featuring in your music video.

“Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and I’m homebound,” from Shutterstock You are shipped to your own little reality where you are a star, and there is generally ambient sound to your life.

  1. Being Extra Friendly to Airport Security to Avoid Being Suspicious When you go through airport security and feel like they are looking at you suspiciously, you act extra friendly to the TSA workers. They’ve never been suspicious of you, but now they might be.

Presently you are being pulled off the mark for a full-body examination since what ordinary individual is additional well disposed at three AM.

  1. Enjoying some time off From The PC To Really take a look at Your Telephone

Have you at any point been on the PC looking through Facebook, and afterward you enjoy some time off and check out at Facebook on your telephone? It’s possible that something else will appear on the app rather than the webpage.

Despite the fact that the internet is still in your hands, you think it is a break. Therefore, unless you fully unplug your phone and computer, you never truly step away.

  1. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear (inaudible name), happy birthday to you,” I mumble during “Happy Birthday.” When you go to someone’s birthday party but haven’t seen them in a while, you forget their name when it’s time to wish them a happy birthday.

Ideally, your unexpected change in volume isn’t recognizable to everybody waiting around you.

  1. Bringing a Book to the Beach and Not Reading It If you truly believe that you will read the book you brought to the beach, you are mistaken. Most likely, you’ll spend your time tanning, swimming, or on your phone.

Save space for snacks, water, and additional sunscreen by leaving the book at home. Those are a higher priority than tossing in a book that won’t ever be contacted however will get wet and sandy.

  1. After the shower, you sit on your bed, put on your towel, and spend an excessive amount of time in it. Some way or another, an hour goes by and you are as yet sitting in your towel.

Whether you’re playing on your phone or just staring at the ceiling, the time you spend sitting on your towel seems to pass more quickly than normal.

  1. Using Music to Calculate Distance When you go to the gym or run outside, you use music to calculate distance. Distance can be used to determine how far something is, even while driving.

“How far is your drive to work?” Shutterstock Five songs total.” It’s a horrible idea to others, yet to you, it is undeniable.

  1. Not that you don’t love your family or friends, but sometimes it’s nice to have a few moments of solitude every day. This feeling of relief comes from coming home to an empty hour after work. It’s nice to be able to choose what you watch on TV and get first dibs on snacks.

If you’ve been surrounded by people at work all day and just want a moment to yourself, you might even just sit down and enjoy the peace and quiet.

  1. Lieing to Your Doctor About Your Alcohol Use “Yeah I only have one or two beers a month, tops,” You Say. What’s the point if your doctor and you both know you’re lying? It looks suspicious if you only drink once or twice a month.

When all else fails, improve your lying skills and be truthful with your doctors. It seems more likely to drink once a week than once a month.

  1. Sending the messages to the wrong person by accident Have you ever texted someone and then screenshotted the conversation to send to another person? However, you send the screenshot back to the person you were texting instead of sending it to another person.

You can’t hide the fact that you were going to start talking about that person in front of them. It is very abnormal and you ought to simply take ownership of it by then.

  1. Having a pile of shirts and only wearing the top five Most likely, you have developed the habit of washing the top five or six shirts first, then placing the remaining shirts on top.

You will continue this cycle until you either purchase new shirts or the five top shirts become excessively ratty or worn out.

  1. Pretending to be happy when you get cards with no money inside As you get older, people usually want cash instead of actual gifts for your birthday or holidays. As Cuba Gooding Jr. would agree, “show me the cash!” After that, you get a card and open it in the hope of getting some cash. However, the card is empty, so you still have to act grateful.

It’s the most disappointing feeling, but you don’t want to come across as arrogant or rude. Additionally, what do people believe you will do with a card? Although it is sweet and sentimental, what will you do after reading it?

  1. Thinking of a Great Rebuttal Hours After the Insult Have you ever been roasted by someone and found yourself unable to respond immediately, only to find that a few hours later you had something positive to say? It happens to the best of us, and all you want is to be able to get over it.

You could stay there for quite a long time contemplating how great this rebound would have been on the off chance that you had recently considered it on the spot. You now have to carry the idea that you could have said something but didn’t.

  1. Purchasing New Produce And Never Eating It

This is excessively genuine! You go to the grocery store with the intention of making food for the remainder of the week. You buy a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, but you don’t feel like cooking them, so they sit in the fridge until they spoil. Shutterstock Now that you’ve wasted money and haven’t been able to cook anything for a week, you don’t have any food to eat. However, at whatever point you go to the store you rehash this interaction despite the fact that you realize you won’t cook them.

  1. Waiting To Leave When Someone Sits Down Next To You The most unsettling situation is when you are about to get up when someone sits down next to you and you feel like leaving now would hurt their feelings.

Even though you don’t know the person sitting next to you, you feel like leaving would be rude to them. How long have you sat close to somebody in a circumstance like this?

  1. Imagine writing an angry email but never sending it: After you arrive at work and get into an argument with a coworker, you sit down at your computer and send a lengthy email of rage. You never send it once you have finished writing it. Even though you put a lot of effort into writing it, sending it doesn’t make sense in the end.

The most important thing is to delete the email. You don’t want to get caught in a situation where you send it accidentally and have to deal with the consequences.

  1. When you forget someone’s name, call them “buddy” So you go out with a group of friends and one of your friends introduces a new person to the group. You had very strong suspicions that they presented themselves, however their names have totally escaped your attention.

The remainder of the night you end up calling the individual by an epithet since you can’t recall their name.

  1. When you take your phone out to do something important, you can get distracted by social media. Have you ever opened your phone to check the weather, only to find that twenty minutes later, you have gone down a rabbit hole on Instagram and can’t remember why you were on your phone in the first place?

Presently you are investing energy attempting to recollect why you were on your telephone in any case, and sooner or later, you get occupied by something different once more.

  1. Conversations that Never Happened in the First Place are a common occurrence. You have a full conversation in your head, but because you are too nervous to bring it up, it never happens.

It irritates you that the conversation went so well in your head, but then you realize that it probably won’t go as well in real life.

  1. Pretending to be a professional athlete at the gym when you use the Stairmaster while singing the Rocky theme song in your head. After a few minutes, you’re out of breath, but you still think you’re a pro gym rat.

It very well may be your first opportunity to the exercise center in quite a while, you actually think this is the start of your preparation montage to prepare Olympic.

  1. Eavesdropping on Conversations and Then Participating We are all guilty of listening in on conversations. But have you ever been listening to someone and suddenly found yourself drawn into the conversation?

It is so awkward on the grounds that you are attempting to behave like you have no clue about what is happening, however you have been paying attention to the entire discussion for the beyond a couple of moments minutes.

  1. “This can of olives is super interesting, let me stare at it for a few more minutes until that person moves out of my way because I don’t actually want olives,” you say when someone is in front of what you actually want at the grocery store.

Although asking the person if you can grab the object they are standing in front of would be acceptable, doing so would be much more difficult.

  1. Getting Excited When Someone Says “Bless You” “Bless you,” she sneezes. I mean, thank you. You’re welcome.” when you feel embarrassed because you were caught off guard by someone saying “bless you” and said the wrong thing.

For the rest of the day, you and the other person are probably thinking about that awkward encounter. In point of fact, they probably forgot about it after a few minutes.

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